What Are The Commonly Known Symptoms Of Aids In Women?

There are various cases of HIV/AIDS which are been reported every hour in the world. This is spreading at a faster rate than expected and many people in the world are dying because of it. It can affect anyone of any age and health if they are involved in unsafe sex. symptoms of HIV-AIDSPeople might say that men are the most affected from this disease but women are not safe from it. A woman is at a higher risk as if she having a HIV/AIDS then the child will also get infected. This makes it important for her to be safe so that she can take care of herself and her child.

Normally, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the first step of this deadliest disease. It attacks the immune system and makes it difficult for our body to fight. The symptom of HIV is quite similar to flu and that’s why people tend to ignore it. After this, AIDS can affect your body in any time period ranging from few months to several years.

Once, a person is diagnosed with HIV, he/she has to take care of him/herself. Although, the same disease, it shows some fluctuations when it comes to symptoms. As the structure of a woman is different, it has certain different symptoms in women.

As it is a sexual transmitted disease, it would affect the sexual organ of the women. A woman would get severe and very frequent vaginal infection. Also, her pelvic will have infections like PID. She might also have an abnormal pap smears. This been the common symptoms, she might also feel genital warts, herpes infection and recurrence of yeast infection.

Along with these symptoms, other symptoms of HIV like weight loss, short-term memory loss, frequent cold and cough, lack of energy, loss of appetite, night sweats, nausea and constant soreness of throat along with others can be seen.

Once HIV has done its damage to the body, AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) would take its time to show up. As your immune is weak, you are open to various troubles and diseases. AIDS, generally, don’t affect those who are in good health despite having HIV. That’s why, it is suggested to keep yourself strong and fitting once you’ve been diagnosed with HIV.

But, if you are having any symptoms like could and cough, fever, vision loss, severe headache, extreme fatigued, pain while swallowing, mental conditions like confusions or thoughtfulness, lack of coordination, difficulty in breathing, vision weakness or coma then the AIDS virus has started working on your body. This is the time that you should take extreme care of yourself.

Although, there is no particular medication available to defeat HIV/AIDS, a person can at least take care of him/herself by being aware. For a woman, it is important that she don’t miss out these symptoms and fight with it till the time she can. It is said, prevention is better than cure so it is important that you have safe sex and keep yourself away from it. It is also good if you keep on testing yourself on a regular basis if you’ve an active sex life. It is important that you be safe, so play safe.