Sexual Dysfunction Problem In Females

Female sexual dysfunction is a state when a woman is unable to enjoy some or all the physical stages of sexual activity the body generally go through. The physical stages of sexual activity can be divided into phases of desire, arousal, and the orgasm.Experiencing pain during intercourse is also a part of female sexual dysfunction.
Female Sexual DysfunctionIt can happen in women due to many reasons and can take numerous forms. In order to solve this issue, it is imperative to deal with psychological, physical, and physiological (mechanical) aspects of a woman’s sexuality. Female sexual dysfunction is a common problem seen in women, and according to estimation, nearly 40 percent of women to some extent are affected by it. It is also estimated that one in every four woman finds it difficult to reach the orgasm.


The symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction differ from stages to stages. The symptoms when a woman is unable to reach the climax during intercourse can be totally different from that of a woman having low libido. However, here are some of common symptoms of female sexual dysfunction.

  • Lack of sexual response and/or desire
  • Unable to get an arousal
  • Unable to orgasm even if aroused
  • Pain during penile penetration

About 70 percent of women face occasional sexual dysfunction and hence it is considered normal. But, if a woman faces any of the above symptoms persistently for many months, then it is likely that she is suffering from female sexual disability which can even last for entire life.


  • The causes of female sexual dysfunction can be psychological factors, physical factors, or both. In some cases, lack of sexual knowledge in both the partners regarding female sexual stimulations, responses, or right techniques for arousal can be responsible for women finding it hard to achieve the state of complete orgasm.
  • It can also be caused due to anxiety as it stops or slows down the state of excitement in women and therefore leading to poor lubrication.
  • Experiences of abuse in the past can lead to development of fear in mind in terms of intimacy and sexual relations. Under this scenario, sexual intercourse can cause her tremendous physical and psychological pain.
  • Disorders related to urinary system and genitalia such as cystitis, endometriosis, vaginitis, or vaginal dryness can also cause female sexual dysfunction. Sexual desire can also be impacted by illness like diabetes, hypothyroidism, muscular dystrophy, or multiple sclerosis.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol can affect sexual arousal.
  • Hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy.


A woman must seek doctor’s help if the sexual dysfunction is caused due to any severe illness. If it is due to psychological factors, then a psychologist or a marriage counselor can be of great help. Sexual dysfunction related to dryness of the vagina due to aging can be solved by estrogen treatment or vaginal moisturizers. To avoid sexual dysfunction, it is very important that a woman understands her sexual organs and the way they respond. By masturbating and Kegel exercises, women can increase the blood flow to their vaginal area and thus be able to enjoy sex comfortably.