Sexual Dysfunction In Women: Evaluation And Treatment

When you realize that your partner is not comfortable with the idea of ‘going wet’ on a recurrent and persistent note, there begin the bouts of such a syndrome. However, this may be due to various reasons which could be of the physical or psychological nature or both. Here are some of the conditions that you can consider as its causes.

sexual dysfunction in women

Are you using the right techniques to arouse your woman?

This may usually be the case when you don’t use the right methods or don’t possess the required knowledge to do it ‘the right way’. When there isn’t complete arousal and orgasmic discharge during and till completion of sexual intercourse – is when you have to worry about such a syndrome.  A painful intercourse is also characterized by this dysfunction in the ladies.

Are you going through the desire, arousal and the orgasm, woman?

40 percent of the women are affected by the sexual syndrome in varying degrees as they may not be able to go through all the stages of the sexual intercourse. One out of every four women finds it difficult to discharge orgasm.

Physical and psychological dilemmas are on the highest count when it comes to evaluating the causes and reasons of such a sexual syndrome rising up. Physical problems such as dryness of the vagina, cystitis, multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy impacts the sexual arousal and thereby contributes to the causes of Candace syndrome. Removal of the breasts or the uterus may affect the self-image of a woman and thus will impact her arousal during the intercourse. Other issues heralding the disorder range from cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, diabetes, depression, dissatisfaction from the partner, vaginismus – which affects the sexual ability of a woman of vaginal penetration, menopause, illegal drug and OTC products’ consumption.

Women’s sexual and vaginal problems on the psychological front can be treated with the help of experts ranging from psychologists, psychiatrists, sex therapists to gynecologists thereby indulging in psychotherapy and counseling. However, when women experience this unsatisfactory ailment on a physical note, they can use kegel exercises and masturbation in order to habituate to discharge and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. As far as vaginal dryness and other diseases are concerned, use moisturizers or medicated creams prescribed by doctors can be helpful. Bremelanotide, an existing drug and many other products such as Femprox, which are in progress for solving such disorders, prove to be effective in increasing the libido in 90 percent of the cases.

Go green and get satisfied.

Ginkgo Biloba, a Chinese medicine is an herb that works as an antidepressant and thus helps in overcoming the problem of sexual dysfunction. Yohimbine is an active ingredient in the bark of the medicinal tree Yohimbe, which can do wonders to a woman’s life suffering from sexual problems. Damiana and L – Arginine are other herbs and amino acids respectively that help for better functioning of sex in women.  These natural remedies can do the ‘little something’ in trying to enhance the sexuality in women.