Sexual Addiction –Symptoms And Solutions

Sexual addiction has several names in the medical world. Sexual dependency, nymphomania (females), satyriasis (males), hyper sexuality and compulsive sexual behavior are a few of the many callings out there. Basically this is a phenomenon, when people cannot control or manage the urgency towards sex.
Sexual AddictionBeing obsessive with such thoughts that consistently hamper your work, relationships and daily activity are basic observations in affected individuals. This addiction could be a branch of obsessive compulsive behavior. The sex drive of such individuals is abnormally intense and desperate. And this obviously comes along with a big fat denial when concerned people around them raise this subject.

When a human crosses all boundaries of physical, emotional or physiological risks and wants to indulge more and more into the darkness of sex, the consequences of this addiction are dangerous. When the fine line between enjoying the peripheral pleasures of sex and making it your life is crossed or dissolved, it can lead to something as severe as depression, social isolation and even suicide.


There is no official diagnosis for this specific health issue, but researchers and doctors define this through a patterned behavior. To indulge in compulsive self-stimulation which is normally known as masturbation, for about 10-20 times in a day, is a direct symptom. Extra marital affairs and multiple affairs leading to making love to various people is another sign. Persistent need for pornography, cybersex, prostitution and multiple one night stands are all underlying signs of being a very sexually ignited individual, not being able to control these desires is what takes you to the stage of addiction.

Some more disturbing signs include molestation, rape and the lack of being able to control it questioning your financial, social and mental existence. When one involves into the zone of sacrificing most things, they could easily fall into the trap of depression or even attempt to commit suicide.


There are treatments that you could opt for to get rid of this situation. Millions of Americans get affected by sexual addiction and many of them have already found a healthier, stableand happy life through support groups, constant counseling and persistent determined mindsets. This obsession is curable. Unlike alcohol rehabilitation, complete abstinence is not required for a sexual addict to be termed sober in the process of recovering from this state. To explain it in a simpler manner, the first step of getting out of an eating disorder is to restrict eating, but that doesn’t mean that you stop eating altogether.

The best way to recover typically would involve making love in an emotionally-committed, monogamous bond. If you are in a relationship and your sexual obsession is sucking the life out of your love, counseling will take the point of focus and you will have to refrain from your urges. This is the only way to save you and the relationship.

Staying away from internet is the simplest solution for addicts. Being careful with the time spent online and making sure to not be led into temptation is vital. Casual chatting, sexual encounters and visiting pornographic websites should be avoided. And this can take place only if you limit your internet usage to basic things.

Unlike diseases like diabetes, this is treatable. Eradication of this habit and transforming into an optimistic human by looking at the brighter side of life other than sex is a tedious yet easy process. Turn into a new leaf today and change your life forever if you think you have the slightest possibilities of being affected. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed in approaching about your addiction to your loved ones, health care centers or counselors.