Live Life With Hiv – 10 Mistakes To Avert

Yes, you heard it right! It is quite possible to live a productive life despite of being HIV positive. However, you ought to keep away from some blunders to do so. Here, I will discuss about 10 mistakes that HIV sufferers tend to commit. Avoiding these mistakes will bestow a long life upon you.

HIV           Mistake 1:

You tend to avoid treatment for HIV due to financial glitches and expenses attached. Yes, to be honest, HIV treatment can be a bit costlier, but today there is no need to overlook treatment due to the fear of expenses. This is because new laws and regulations make sure that health insurance is accessible to those suffering from HIV. In addition, several federal government based programs provide assistance to the unfortunate ones suffering from HIV.

            Mistake 2:

You are less attentive when it comes to the medication. Skipping even a single dose of your HIV medicine may cause replication of the virus into various strains that might be resilient to the drug. Therefore, never give such an opportunity to take over you. In fact, keep control of the virus by having your medications on time every day. Try to set a reminder or alarm for your medications, as this will ensure that you do not hop or skip your dose.

             Mistake 3:

Do not hide things from your physician or doctor. You ought to be honest and open with your healthcare provider about everything. This is because side effects resulting from medicines, changes in lifestyle and issues with the treatment plan may affect the condition. The more your doctor is aware of your condition, the better he/she can assist you.

            Mistake 4:

You overlook tooth pain. Following up with your dentist is a vital aspect of surviving with HIV. Symptoms of infections related to HIV often trigger in throat or mouth. Thus, if suffering from mouth sore or tooth pain, then rush to your dentists at the earliest without any delay.

            Mistake 5:

You stay quiet about supplements or herbs. A few common supplements and herbs marketed to aid HIV patients are proven to be ineffective. Adding to the dilemma, a few of these might interfere with your HIV medicines. Thus, discuss about this with your doctor.

            Mistake 6:

Women suffering from HIV are highly prone to cervical cancer. This is because the immune system of a woman faces tough time to combat with the abnormal growth of cells in her cervix. If unnoticed or untreated, then these cells might turn into cancerous cells. Fortunately, Pap tests on a regular basis can help diagnose the condition at its early stage.

            Mistake 7:

Cigarette smoking reduces the efficacy of HIV medicines. It even weakens your immune system making it difficult to combat the disease. So do not shorten your life by sticking to smoking.

            Mistake 8:

Though the odds of passing the infection through oral sex is less compared to anal or vaginal sex, but it is still possible. Thus, always indulge in safe sexual practices or better use a condom and avoid oral sex as much as possible.

            Mistake 9:

You take flu season quite leniently. Individuals inflicted with the HIV virus are highly prone to suffer from influenza. For prevention, it is advisable to discuss with your physician about the yearly flu shots or vaccinations. It is better to go for the shots rather than nasal sprays.

            Mistake 10:

HIV affects the mental health of a person greatly. The disease not only causes anxiety and depression, but the virus can also infect the patient’s brain. This might lead to thinking and concentration issues and memory problems. In addition, a few HIV drugs may cause psychological side effects. So it is better to talk with your healthcare provider if you suspect any kind of unusual or troublesome symptom.

HIV/AIDS is not the end of a life, as one can continue to live a productive and for long. Avoid committing these mistakes and live your life to the full with HIV.