Kallmann Syndrome – Things to Know

Kallmann SyndromeOverview

Kallmann Syndrome is the nature of a disorder whereby a person may be very unfortunate due to the incompletion of the puberty phase or it is even possible that the puberty may just not commence only in the first place. In this syndrome, there are characteristics which disperse it apart from the usual disorders – as it may be characterised by the reduced or the lack of the smelling sense as well as reduced levels of Testosterone! Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism – It is the group of conditions under which the Kallmann syndrome lies and however, there may be other syndromes under this family of conditions too which may be similar in diagnosis and treatment like the Kallmann Syndrome but experience the characteristic of reduced smelling sense whereas the Kallmann syndrome experiences the complete loss of smelling sense!


It is the research findings that have helped us with the information for 4 types and forms of Kallmann’s syndrome and how the 4 types differentiate in terms of the symptoms that are observed in each. Kallmann syndrome is designated from type 1 to type 4. It is the genetic causes that get differentiated at the sources which cause the syndrome thus giving different signs and symptoms too.  The four types are each featured by hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and an impaired sense of smell – Anosmia (complete loss of smelling sense) and Hyposmia (Heavily reduced smelling sense). Additional features, such as a cleft palate, seem to occur in the first two types of this syndrome!


Kallmann’s syndrome exactly affects the senses that form the most important elements of anyone’s life: Smelling sense impairment is the sure shot symptom and can be miserable! It may be heavily reduced or it may just not exist! Apart from the smelling sense, it is also the blurring of the vision as well hay wire movement of the eyes, colour blindness to add to the sensory impairments! There may also be the failure of one of the kidneys or the kidney may just not develop in the first place, mirror image hand movements, tooth development and like abnormalities and there may also be a possibility of  infertility. Affected males are usually born with inappropriate penis size and un-descended testicles. Affected females usually do not begin their menstruation cycles in puberty and to worsen stuff on the physical front – they may not develop or may develop very little breasts!


There are genetic causes to Kallmann syndrome! There are various genes in our body that we have inherited from our parents. The genes in our body form a branch of science and any one of the gene not working or faulty in its actions, may result in severe and brutal effects on health or some other type of gene affected this way may not even show up with any symptoms! The case of Kallmann syndrome is wherein one or two out of the 8 genes related to the Kallmann syndrome when cease to work or work inefficiently can impair the whole scenario and lead to the dark side of this syndrome in one out of 10 thousand to 86 thousand people.

Diagnosis / Tests

It is when a person realises that he has been delayed in his puberty phase, that he needs to get himself checked up for such a hassled syndrome! The diagnosis of the Kallmann Syndrome may just be complicated due to its sign of delayed puberty which may be a result of the constitutional delay too! When there are biochemical parameters observed such as those of low testosterone serum in men and low oestrogen serum in women – the tests may turn to the positive end showcasing the presence of the syndrome! An entire endocrine work up tests as well as a Karyotype test may have to be performed! An MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging may also be performed to check for the pituitary gland!


Hormone replacement therapy as well as fertility treatments characterise the treatment of the Kallmann’s syndrome! The HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is utilized to put up the right proportion of the circulating hormones – Testosterone in men and Oestrogen in women as per their age requirements! Fertility treatments in reproductive endocrinology involves the administration of the gonadotropins in order to induce fertility in men and women suffering this syndrome – which may be lost due to lack of puberty signs!


There is no relevant information researched that can put an individual away from contracting the syndrome. It completely depends upon one’s hormone and like changes. Thus, when the hormones undergo a change it results in such a syndrome! To make sure the genes and the hormones are maintained at the healthy level and working in a sane condition, it is necessary to follow the nourishment quota of a good diet, exercise regime as well as a stress free yoga routine to help the efficient working of the hormones!

Home Remedies

There are negligible remedies that can be of assured value and worth when they come from home! It is necessary to allow yourself to soothing oils and herbal teas to help your system relax and calm out so that the production and working of the hormones can be good enough t avoid any more complications in the syndrome!

Warnings / Precautions

There are no such precautions apart from being in hale and hearty health that can prevent your hormones to give in for a toss and thereby make conditions less bad when struck in the syndrome!

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

It is essential to find out from your Doctor – which type of the Kallmann Syndrome are you suffering from and which of the therapies would suit your needs for the future – in order to make sure that the fertility issues don’t spring up! As well as the cure or the treatment – the time that would be required and also the outcomes that would be merited on the physical front. It is necessary to know if this could be hereditary and would thus be passed on to your future off springs or no!

Special Note

Males are 5 times more prone to this syndrome than women! It is one in 4 thousand males that suffer from HH and one in 10 thousand males that suffer from Kallmann’s syndrome!