Infertility – Natural Cures For Women

Infertility in women is amongst the biggest problems that women face. Fortunately, many conditions of infertility can be reversed through appropriate treatment. There are several conventional treatments which include medicines and surgical procedure to regulate fertility in women.Infertility In WomenThere are several herbs that are helpful in reducing female infertility. Some diets are also said to be effective in helping females to regain their fertility.  Here are some foods that may help you in enhancing your reproductive system and help you become pregnant.


It is studied that pomegranate has properties of enhancing the estrogen and progesterone balance and increase the nurturing energy. Both, the flower of the tree as well as the fruit pomegranate is found to be helpful with your fertility aspects. However, it is said that in case of female fertility flower works well.  To follow this, you can ether get pomegranate oil or obtain some pomegranate flower and boil it in water to obtain oil. Consume this oil once a day. You can have them in the morning with raspberry leaf.

Raspberry Leaf:

It is believed that raspberry leaves contain high amount of calcium as well as they aid in restricting the hormonal balance in a similar way as pomegranate does. While it does not seem to be effective for mood as well as the energy it is said to be highly efficacious in improving infertility in women. These leaves can also be consumed during pregnancy for obtaining added nutrition.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E in the females has been shown to enhance the quality of the egg. It also has some good effects in men as it can enhance the quality of sperm as well as its quality. There was a study conducted including a man and woman both with infertility. They were given a regular dosage of vitamin E. The study indicated that the dosages improved their fertility from 19% to 29%. To use this nutrient as your aid you need to consume around 400 to 600 IU of vitamin E per day.  You can also consume this vitamin through vitamin E rich diet. Some foods that contain a good amount of vitamin E includes olive, spinach, raw seeds of sunflower, almonds (some other nuts) and papaya.

Wild Yams:

Organic wild yams are another good food for enhancing hormonal balance. It does not only improve hormonal balance but can also regulate the menstrual period. Irregular menstrual cycles are also said to be contributing factor that may hinder chances of getting pregnant; hence, organic wild yams are helpful when it comes to regulating the menstrual cycle. You can also take whole fat dairy product to ripen uterus and prepare your egg for fertilization. Hence a great way to consume wild yams is by squashing baking it with some topping of whole fat butter.

These are not all but some helpful home based natural cures to treat female infertility. Consult your doctor and seek treatment along with these natural cures which will increase your chances of getting pregnant.