Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction – Myths and Reality

If you are facing erectile dysfunction problem or impotency then be aware, it can be serious and can even ruin your relationship. You don’t have to get stressed as erectile dysfunction is not a disease. This situation arises when people suffer from disorders like blood pressure and diabetes. Stress and tensions can also lead to impotence.

ImpotenceHere are some myths and facts related to impotence:

Myth: If prescribed drugs are not effective, you cannot get cured.

This is not true. There are a number of technologies and remedies available now that can definitely treat impotence. These methods are reliable and safe but you should get a proper consultation for that. Let doctors recommend you such ways. The most popular technique to cure impotence these days is the use of impotence injections.

Myth: Young people never have to face impotence problems

This is totally wrong. Researchers say that 1 out of 8 men above the age of 21 faces erectile dysfunction problem. This is due to the mental health and not the physical health of the person.

Myth: ED is a natural part when aging starts

It is true for older people however, it is not a natural part of aging. Actually it is a medical problem which requires treatment. Just as you cannot leave high blood pressure or diabetes untreated; similarly ED cannot be left uncured.

Myth: The best way to treat impotence is oral medications

It is not essential that a particular drug will work for everyone. Every person responds to the drug in a different manner. Oral drugs work for many men but not for all. If oral medicines are not working for you, consult your health professional for a better treatment.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction can be easily treated with herbal products or on your own

There are no such herbal products which are as effective as treatments which are not herbal. Don’t go for such things as they can make your conditions even pathetic. Consult your doctor or physician before going for such products.

Myth: If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you will have to go on consuming pills for the entire life

There are many effective ways that are helpful in treating erectile dysfunction, permanently. These include oral medications, injections; used directly into the penis or inserted through urethra.

Myth: You will have to visit doctor number of times before you start a treatment

Most often doctors call you to a clinic once or twice and give you right medications. You don’t have to roam around the clinics for several times. Generally, in two hours of consultation they do their work and set you free.

Myth: If your personal doctor is helpless, nobody else can help you

You can try visiting different professional consultants for better and effective results. There are highly qualified doctors in different countries; you can take the treatment from them as well.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction only affects a man

Your family and relationship also gets affected due to it. Erectile dysfunction causes lower self-esteem, frustration, loss of concentration or focus, depression; all this can affect your business or work.  Thus if it’s left untreated many people have to suffer and ultimately will make you lose interest from your life. So it’s better to treat it with some better medications.