Health Conditions That Lead To Impotence

When the question is related to the arousal of sexuality in a male, we have to consider all the significant parts of the body including the nerves, brain, blood vessels, emotional balance, reproductive organ etc. thus, if all of these systems are in system, then we need not worry about the fertility or erectile problems in men.

impotenceBut however, one organ or system damaged, can lead to the failure of a person in terms of being a “complete man”.

Are you obese? Suffering from cardiac problems and blood pressure and the other big named diseases? Well then you seem to be in for another big named and tagged disorder called erectile dysfunction or impotency. Prevalent among most of the men abroad and increasingly on a rise for traditional country men too, it is caused if men are overweight or suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, cardio vascular diseases or even stress and depression!

So let’s relate this to metabolic syndrome! Okay, what’s that now? If you have been binging on too much of sweet and hold a nice fat belly as well as a plate of that fatty flab on the sides of your waist with a dash of high blood pressure and the insulin levels are heavily garnished over it, it serves you the dish of metabolic syndrome! Yes, as dangerous as it sounds, it could lead to a very dangerous disease in men making them impotent! More so, you have been into drugs and are a patron of drinking alcohol to get the high , high so high, that you land up being an alcohol abused person or even cigarette smoking could be a part of the package which has led you to be impotent! Most of the men hold this story line and then hold the red face of embarrassment when in bed with their partners craving for a hard rock and long erection to enjoy the pleasurable time with them!

However, there could be other health reasons that might have been out of your control such as the medication or the surgery taken up for curing prostate cancer or even to cure benign prostate hyperplasia, as the drugs to cure them could have the side effect on men leaving them helplessly impotent! Any sort of disorders related to pelvic area as well as the spine or the nervous system and medication taken for the same could be the reasons why the health has been adversely affected to give you a poor sex life or weaker erections.

Even the pettiest of reasons of being tired after long hours of work, not following a healthy diet and lifestyle, no workout patters as well as taking supplements which are artificial, being stressed and depressed out of life due to various job related or family related problems could also play an effectively hazardous role in leaving men un aroused and not excited in life, thereby souring relations with their partners too.

Thus, to follow the essential of nature and doing things the way they are meant to be along with treating general problems at the first stage itself, can spare men of the disaster of being an impotent!