Function That Causes Women’s Sexual Life

Like men, even women face sexual problems during intercourse because of different causes, such as depression, stress, menopause etc. Intercourse is supposed to be pleasing and desirable but occurrence of such factors leads to making it painful and results in unsatisfactory experience for both the partner’s life.

Sexual Health Issues In Women

Sexual problems in women can be faced at any stage of life; and some problems can be overcome with medicine or other practices. Some problems cannot be cured totally, especially with women facing some disease or going through mandatory medication. Here are the functions that majorly disturb a women’s sexual life.

Psychological Problem– Even before body, your soul should be convinced with pleasure of intercourse. Many women may be ready for intercourse, but that really doesn’t mean that she is also ready mentally. It depends on her partner to convince her, and it signifies the relation and defines the bond between two. There are also likely chances she is not getting ready for intercourse as depression, stress, past history, anxiety etc.

Insufficient Vaginal Lubrication– Menopause, child birth and dryness in vagina cause insufficient vaginal lubrication. It leads women to experience pain during intercourse, as the vagina get sensitive towards erection. Lack of lubrication also results in unwilling excitement before or during intercourse towards male sexual approaches. Women may cure insufficient lubrication, but can overcome it by using types of medications available in market with medical concern.

Pelvic Issues-The heavy stretches with age, physical development, and pregnancy weakens the women’s organ and muscles in and around pelvic organ. When the muscles weaken, it bulge the vagina part and brings sensation of pain during intercourse. Pelvic problem also have other problems like unexpected urine output, painful urination etc. All these factors makes her feel anxious to be ready for intercourse neither they are attracted to sexual aroused feeling.

Medical Or Health Disorder– Women with health issues like menopause, diabetes, breast cancer or any other diseases are not able to perform long as her body does not support her. She is not able to gain enough immunity for intercourse and lack of arousal feeling.

To make your women interested in making love and forget all her functions sexual problems go through special personal as well as necessary medical treatments and caring.

  • On stand of partner, one should take step in motivating your women towards intercourse. Do not ever force her to do so, because neither you’ll be satisfied nor her. Try to understand what makes her so anxious and then try to convince her.
  • If she has some physical problems, take her for proper medication, but if she has psychological problem it may require counselor also.
  • Women’s sexual problems differs from lady to lady, just reference on one do not make any implication until and unless is suggested by physician.
  • You can encourage her by some books or create mist by involving sensational music, talk or the thing that eliminates her anxiousness of intercourse.