Early Prevention And Precaution Tips For HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV is the virus responsible for causing Aids. When infected blood, vaginal secretions or semen come in contact with mucous membranes (i.e. nose, mouth, rectum, vagina, penis opening) or broken skin, it is then that this virus is transmitted.

tips-for-hivIn order to understand the precautionary measures, it is vital to recognize the brief causes of this disease. Unprotected sex, multiple sex partners, sharing needles or syringes (during drug abuse, non-sterile equipment during tattooing, blood transfusions) or contact with a HIV infected person’s wounds, infected blood and blood contaminated body fluids are the main causes in this case.

Some people with HIV infection without any health care or treatment will develop AIDS. Since there is no cure once you are infected, it is better if you take all the further listed steps into daily practice to prevent it altogether.


The only way towards absolute prevention against HIV is to abstain from sex. This doesn’t transform you into the most religious person, or confirms that you’d die as a virgin. It just means that you do not indulge in sexual activities, until you are in a monogamous relationship and you know your partners and your HIV status.

Use Condoms

If used correctly and consistently, condoms are extremely effective prevention tools against HIV infection. Latex condoms provide the best protection. Female condoms are not as safe as the male latex ones. But if you want to choose between women condoms or no condoms, the former is a better choice any day. Every time you indulge in sexual activities, you need to necessarily use this form of protection, it is only then that you’d be able to safeguard yourselves.

Do not overuse the condom. Be careful of not tearing it while opening the wrapper, thus use your fingers instead of your teeth. Most tips are known to mankind, but read and research carefully to be able to use a condom correctly. Water-based lubricants are safer as opposed to petroleum jelly’s or massage oils, because the latter can cause it to break.

Avoid Drug Use And Alcohol Addiction

Drugs and excessive alcohol override a person’s cognitive thinking process, allowing him/her to indulge in unprotected sex easily. Thus both these addictions enhance a person’s risk of this infection. The other way is that when a person is using intravenous drugs and shares needles or syringes in the process, this could easily increase your chances of being infected. Your probability of coming in contact with infected blood or viruses runs on an all-time high in this case.

If you think you have driven yourself into these activities and are unable to stop, try consulting your family, friends, doctors, health care providers or counselors to help you get out of it.

Tested And Treated In Case Of Other STD’s

Get tested if you have doubts of being affected by sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis. If you take the treatment for these illnesses lightly, it automatically increases your risk of getting HIV. During every regular medical check-up, get tested with the slightest hint of being infused with this virus.

With the growing exposure of meeting new people and being attracted with four alcoholic drinks down the system, just be careful to carry a condom, be faithful and take all the basic precautionary measures. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.