Choose Medication Or Surgery To Treat Impotence

The Working Of The Male Reproductive Organ

Whenever a guy isn’t aroused sexually, his reproductive organ is sagging or in a soft state.  During full lovemaking excitement, neural signals launch chemicals which increase blood flow in to the male organ.

treat-impotencePressure in the blood helps to make the male reproductive organ rigid thus producing a tougher erection.  After a man gets to his climax, the blood flow decreases and ebbs thus the erection decreases.

What Happens To A Male Reproductive Organ With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erection dysfunction, a clinical term, is really inability to achieve and also to maintain a harder erection adequate to perform sexually. This problem is considered the most typical sexual abnormality for males as they age.

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction With Medications

The initial treatment for common ED is the utilization of medicines referred to as PDE-5 inhibitors: Sildenafil citrate, Vardenafil HCl, as well as Tadalafil.

Men with ED consider these tablets prior to starting intercourse and the medicines boost the neural signals which are generated during intercourse, thereby enhancing and extending the hard-on itself. These medication function by relaxing muscle cells within the penile region thus permitting better blood circulation and result in a firm erection.  These medicines are often efficient, and almost 80% of men display improvement after using them. The drugs are efficient almost 100% in case of uncomplicated ED. Although research approves the use of PDE-5 inhibitors medications, those with heart conditions and thus taking nitrates should consult with their doctor to comprehend the potential drug relationships or impacts once taken concomitantly.

For males that do not react to the aforementioned medicines another medication, Alprostadil, is approved for use. This particular drug comes with two modes of intake: 1) injections that the individual places in to the side of his reproductive organ, 2) intraurethral suppository. Success rate of achieving a powerful erection ideal for sexual activity with self-injection is up to 85 %. Modified alprostadil designed to allow intraurethral delivery avoids the requirement of an injection; however this method cuts down on the possibility of successful therapy. The most typical unwanted effects of alprostadil are: burning sensation inside the male reproductive organ or a prolonged hard-on lasting more than 4 hrs; these conditions need a doctor’s intervention to repeal the problem.

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction With Surgery

New therapies for ED are galore these days and they include surgical implants. Because of numerous advances in science these days, urologists are assisting countless impotent males to perform much better.

  • 1.  Penile Prostheses : Operatively implanted products for a firm erection are becoming highly dependable therapeutic options.
  • 2.  Vacuum Devices : Vacuum devices for erection are actually secure alternatives in producing stiffness of your male organ by pumping blood to the organ using a pump and then withholding it with an occluding band.
  • 3.  Injecting The Penile Organ: These can be a relatively quick and effective way to transfer vasoactive drugs straight in to the corpora cavernosa and improves the blood circulation.
  • 4.  Penile Arterial Revascularization : Here the blood is kept in motion by detouring it around the blocked tissues. This method is advised for teens and middle aged men with no known dangers for coronary artery disease. This process focuses on correcting tissue damage at the tip of the male organ due to trauma or pelvic facture. If the male organ tissues are blocked to transfer blood, a doctor might microscopically connect another artery nearby thus cleaning the path for sufficient blood to be supplied for the penis to attain a harder erection.
  • 5.  Venous Ligation : This process focuses on correcting punctured penile tissues responsible for decreased erection. The long term effects of this method are less than fifty percent and therefore it is not a recommended method for treating erectile dysfunction.