Best Ways To Avoid STD

How to Avoid STDIn order to avoid the risk of getting STD avoid having an intercourse with the person having genital sores, discharge or rash and some other symptoms. Unprotected sex is safe but only and only when you and your partner have sex only with one another. Still go and get yourself checked from the doctor so that you should not develop the chances of getting STD.

Prefer Safer Sex: Use protection every time whenever you have sex with each other. Make appropriate use of condoms, gloves and other necessary barriers. Intercourse that includes both anal and vaginal, make sure that you are using condoms. If your partner or you are at risk of getting STD then definitely use right barriers even during the oral sex. You cannot count on condoms and other barriers for 100% protection but they can reduce the risk of developing STD’s.

Get Yourself Tested Along With Your Partner: If you genuinely want to avoid developing STD then check yourself and your partner from the doctor to ensure that you are not at the risk. Wait till the reports of the test comes and don’t have an intercourse till that time. Otherwise you will pass it to your partner and your partner will be passing it back to you.

Have Sex With Only One Partner: If you are loyal to your partner and you both have sex with each other only then there are fewer chances to develop STD. If you always have sex with protection then it would be better for you to prevent getting STD’s.

Be Practical And Have A Talk: Don’t be shy about having talk about sex, open up your mind to your partner of having protected sex. Clear communication is very important in relationship. Also, if you have a doubt that your partner is at a risk of developing STD then ask him/her to take a test. It will help both of you to stay away from STD’s.

You Can Say No To Sex: Sex is not a compulsory thing that you should have it with someone just because they took you for dinner or movie or something like that. And if someone’s breaking up with you because you are saying no to sex is completely fine, don’t see their face again in life and whenever you say No stick to your decision. Similarly, if you get a NO from your partner, listen to them.

Behave Responsibly: If you will protect yourself first then only you will be able to protect your partner. Having sex involves emotionality but it is necessary to consider the practical situations. If you don’t feel like having unprotected sex then don’t do it. Be responsible for your own behavior. Also, don’t have sex when you are drunk or have taken drugs; this causes you to have sex with those person with whom you are not supposed to have. Always hangout with such friends those who are trustworthy so that if you are likely to do any mistake they can stop you from doing that. If you have of a night over at your friend’s place of opposite sex then keep a pair of condom with you on a safer side (in case if you need it).

Be safe and healthy always so that you can keep the other person healthy as well.