17 Signs You May Have HIV

HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that affects the immune system of one’s body. If at HIV is not treated on time, it may lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). People affected by AIDS have a tough time fighting off its infections, which can be possibly life-threatening. There’s no cure for HIV, but it can take a long time span, probably 10 or more years for AIDS to develop, even without treatment. With treatment too, people suffering from HIV can remain symptom-free for much longer time. There are many types of drugs available today that can fight HIV.
HIV AIDS SIGNSThere are different tests available to ensure whether you are affected to HIV as there are many symptoms that are similar to other ailments, not necessarily HIV. This makes it even more important for people get HIV tested as soon as possible to be on the safer side. Some of the main causes of HIV are sexual contact with one or more persons through anal or vaginal intercourse, as these are the main routes of transmission of HIV. Oral sex can also lead to HIV is the person’s blood is exchange to the other partner. Some of the other transmission routes can be through sharing of needles, syringes and injections.

Some the symptoms that can the indicators of HIV are:

  • Fever upto 102 degrees is one of the start towards the symptoms of HIV. This is a mild symptom in which the virus spreads through the blood.
  • Fatigue feeling is a symptom that can occur in the beginning as well as at the later times of HIV infection.
  • Pain in the muscles and joints is an indicator that can sometimes lead to swollen lymph nodes too.
  • Sore throat and headaches are a regular symptom of HIV infection.
  • Skin rashes can take place with the growing infection age from HIV to AIDS.
  • Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting follow with increasing days through the infection.
  • Weight loss with time is a major indicator as it is a drastic change that can be seen in a person who is healthy and has been affected.
  • Dry cough too is a regular symptom for a HIV infected person.
  • Pneumonia is an infection that affects the lung.
  • Night sweats is excessive sweating while sleeping.
  • Nail changes take place as thickening and curving of the nails, splits of the nails, or horizontal or vertical staining brown or black lines.
  • Yeast infection in the mouth is a possibility.
  • Confusion or striving to concentrate
  • Cold sores or private part herpes follows weakening the immune system at large.
  • Itchiness and weakness could also be a symptom to HIV.
  • Late HIV can also lead to numbness and sensation of tingling in the feet and hands.
  • Menstrual irregularities in women sometimes need to be checked for HIV. It may sometimes be a chance that you are affected by HIV.

Not that all these symptoms can be only when you are affected to HIV but others too. But it’s better that one gets checked before it’s late.