The Perks Of Exercising While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy brings along several dreams, hopes, expectations and responsibilities. During this period, you are not just responsible for feeding the baby through the food you eat but also keeping it healthy and active through the activities you perform.
Pregnancy ExerciseExercise at this juncture with an ever growing belly might seem difficult and tedious. But it is extremely rewarding- not only for the baby but also for the mother. And these benefits of healthy exercise during pregnancy last you a lifetime. Let us have a look at some of the greatest benefits of pregnancy exercises.

Reduces Pregnancy Discomfort

As the size of the belly increases with each passing month, simple tasks like sitting, getting up, turning sides while sleeping, bending and the likes become increasing difficult. It is the discomfort that makes these activities difficult. Simple activities like stretching, walking and swimming are ideal during the latter months of pregnancy as they are of great help in easing the mounting discomfort.

Stretching eases the back pain that you experience as your stomach feels heavy, walking improves blood circulation and swimming strengthens the abdominal muscles. Thus simple 30 minute exercises leave you feeling much better and stronger.

Boosts Energy Levels

Pregnancy can be a little stressful and tiring for most women. This is true especially in the initial three months of pregnancy. The morning sickness, vomiting, breathlessness and common aches and pains can take a toll on you both physically and emotionally. To beat the stress, slight and easy exercises like walking and yoga can be of great help. Walking can help you in getting toned and strong muscles assist you during and post child birth.

However, exercises must be performed during the first trimester under your doctor’s guidance. Care must be taken to ensure that the body temperature does not increase beyond 39.5° C as that could trigger a miscarriage. Overall, it is safe to exercise since they will boost your energy levels and help you gain confidence about continuing with your daily routine.

Helps You Sleep Better

Sleeping positions during pregnancy are a matter of concern for most women. Also several women experience trouble falling asleep due to change in sleeping positions, lack of physical exercise or other reasons. Regular exercises during pregnancy will ensure enough physical activity during the day in order to fall asleep and get a good night’s restful sleep.

Prepares For Childbirth

It is said that childbirth is nothing short of running a full marathon. It required stamina, determination and focus. Most of all, it requires a lot of energy. Toning and strengthening muscles during the course of gestation will ensure your abdominal muscles and leg muscles have enough strength to withstand labour. Pregnancy exercises help you gain the confidence of going through with a normal delivery.

Exercises coupled with regular and healthy diet during pregnancy are the keys to a normal delivery. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Take a break when you feel dizzy or breathless. Do not tire yourself out. Most importantly, enjoy the process and you shall have your bundle of joy in your arms with ease!