Tummy Trimming Workouts for Men

Look matters in this contemporary world to impress people around you, it even matters to have a good persona to standout. Nevertheless, for that it’s necessary to eradicate your excess weight, at times you can trim your overall weight except tummy. Your belly would need more time and it cannot be achieved without hard work and discipline. People who are having sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise can develop this unwanted part which is hard to cut down. However, if you perform some exercises which are mentioned below, you will able to trim your belly fats to get the look that you long to have.

Tummy Trimming Workouts for Men


This abdominal crunch can offer exercise to individual’s abdominal muscles, which assist them to get flat belly. Subsequent are few crunches that could be useful to trim your unwanted belly.

Traditional Crunch

Recline on your back on a mat and fold your legs at your knees, touching your feet parallel to the ground. If you are doing it first time, take assistance of your trainer or a friend to hold your leg to keep it positioned. Then cross your both hands behind our head. Place your chin so as it touches you chest and then raise or lift your trunk and try to touch your knees with your chest. Ensure to have 15 to 20 repetitions in one set and perform 2 to 3 such sets every day.

Reverse Crunch

Recline on your back on a mat, if possible choose yoga mat. Raise your leg to make 90 degree angle (at both joints: hips and knees). Avoid touching your legs at knee when they are on elevated position. Now, start curling your legs towards your head, feeling abdominal muscles strain. You can keep both hands besides your body for balance. Try this reverse crunch 15 to 20 repetitions in one set and you should perform 2 to 3 such sets in a day.

Decline Bench Crunch

This is quite hard and advanced version of the traditional crunch. In this exercise you have to recline on a decline bench and keep your head on bench side that is near to the ground. Let your trainer or friend to hold on your both of your legs to stop you from falling. Then raise your body up and try to touch your legs. Do it in 10 to 15 in a set and perform 2 to 3 set in a day. You can increase the repetition slowly to 15 to 20 if possible.

Leg exercise

Lie on your back along with leg stretching it in front of you, pointing your toes to sky. Place both of your hands behind your hips, then lift both legs and form 45 degree angle from the floor. Raise your legs slowly and steadily preventing jerk so as to avoid injuries, because sudden jerks could cause a sprain in your lower back.

Leg circles

Recline on our back with bend knees and feet on the ground, along with arms resting at your sides. Lift your right leg making it perpendicular to the floor (you can slightly bend your knees if needed) and then rotate your legs in circular motions. Rotate it from the hip. Inhale and exhale as you begin and finish respectively. Ensure you keep your body still and perform the set in clockwise and counterclockwise in a set of 5 to 10 repetitions and perform 2 to 3 sets in a day.

These are some effective stomach exercises that can help you reduce your stomach fats if done regularly. These are traditional but effective ways of reducing belly fats.