9 Causes Of Irregular Menstrual Period

When a girl reaches the age of puberty, she enters the menstrual period. Since then, these periods are regular. It is understood that when a girl goes through the irregular period, she is pregnant.

Irregular_Mensural_PeriodsThis is the most commonly known reason of irregular periods, although it is not the only one. There are various other reasons behind the irregular menstrual period.

  • 1.    Over-Weight: Body weight plays a very important role in your periods. So, whenever you face an irregular period, check your body weight.
  • 2.    Bad Eating Habit: Your body weight is related to what and how you eat. So, it is better that you check on the kind of food you eat. Don’t let your eating habit affect your period cycle.
  • 3.    Stress: Stress affects our life in various ways and irregular menstrual cycle is one of them. It is advised not to take so much of stress that can affect your sexual health in a bad way.
  • 4.    Exercise: Woman’s body is not structured to work so hard. Physically, they can’t work out the way a man does. All you need is to understand this fact and workout accordingly. Excessive workout can be another reason for period problems.
  • 5.    Hormonal Birth Control Pills: Our body takes times to adjust a bit when something new is introduced to it. If you are taking this kind of pill then your body will take some time to adjust to this hormonal change.
  • 6.    Illness: When we go through illness, our body gets slow and exhausted. It is important that you understand the body and relax yourself when you have just recovered from illness.
  • 7.    Hormone Problem: Sometimes, there are some changes that go inside our body without the influence of any alien elements. It is important that you figure it out and take the necessary step after consulting your doctor.
  • 8.    Usage Of Drug: Women who use illegal drug have more possibility of irregular period. It is better to stop that than to end up in complication.
  • 9.    Other Problem: This means that there might be some disease which is working inside your body and is the reason behind this irregular period. It is better that you see a doctor and find out the reason.

The above can be the reasons for your irregular periods. Although, for some it may be common but for few this can lead to serious complications. After all, our body is not same and it has got different needs. All you have to do is visit the doctor, talk to him/her about it, find out the appropriate reason for it and then work towards the solution. It is not hard to do and is indeed important for you. You would surely not like to get into any sort of health complications with this as it is directly related to your sexual health. So, be safe and take care.