What Is Prostate Cancer And What Are The Symptoms?

In today’s world, American men are at a greater risk due to the growing possibilities of prostate cancer. It is a cancer that grows in the prostate, i.e. a gland in the male reproductive system.

Prostate Cancer

Mostly, it is a slow progressing disease. Sometimes, a man dies at the age of 80 without knowing that he had a prostate cancer. It is the doctor who comes to know later on. There are many cases where people are unaware of the cancer. It is when the examination is done under microscope, doctors come to know.

It happens when there is minor alteration in the size and shape of prostate gland cells. The man who is suffering from prostate cancer never have to undergo with any kind of therapy or anything of that sort and eventually they die natural death. Even though, there are some symptoms which might indicate you to visit the doctor sooner.


1.   The early sign of the prostate cancer is that you want urinate frequently especially at night.

2.   You might find it difficult to start or stop the flow while urinating.

3.   Whenever you laugh or cough, you leak urine.

4.   You might face a painful burning sensation while urinating or ejaculating.

5.   There might be blood vessels that might come out while you are urinating.

6.   Due to the prostate cancer, you might find difficulty in erection.

These signs would act as an indication that you should go and discuss things with your doctor. Sharing things with your doctor and talking about it can really help him to examine you for this particular cancer. Other than this, you should take care of the following things too.

Other Care:

1.  Once you are 50, you should visit for the regular checkup. This through checkup would help you and your doctor to understand the change that is going on inside your body and also can diagnose if you are suffering from it.

2.  If you are facing difficulty in urination or having urination with fever then don’t hesitate to visit the nearest hospital.

3.  If you are drink enough water but then that water is flowing out in less amount from your body through urination then you should see a doctor immediately. This might be related bladder obstruction.

4. Those who have a family history of prostate cancer are at a higher risk of having it. They should visit doctor for checkup at a regular interval after they cross 40.

5. Sometimes, there are chances that the cancer is spread to the other part of the body. At that point, spinal cord compression is the first symptom. It is advisable to visit the nearest doctor when you face it.

6. The symptom of spinal cord compression may include weakness in legs, difficulty in walking, difficulty in urination is increased, numbness or decreased sensation.

It is understood that the prostate cancer is not harmful to you but that doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. If this cancer spreads to the other part of the body, whose chances are less, it can create more complications. These symptoms would help you to understand the complications of it and would save you from it.