Brain Entrainment – An Effective Way To Treat ED

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also known as impotency, is a common male sexual disorder. In this medical issue, a man is unable to achieve and sustain an erection during sexual stimulation, eventually he fails to perform sexual intercourse. Worldwide, millions of men have become victim of this sexual disability. Unfortunately, majority of them are not taking any kind of treatment, according to researchers.

The causative factors of ED are mainly divided into physical and psychological. Physicians opine that predominantly emotional or psychological factors are responsible for ED, though physical causes may also contribute. Before explaining the Brain Entrainment effects on impotency, let us check out the causes.

Physical causes –

• Age is a common cause of ED, as older men are more susceptible to suffer from ED due to physiological changes.

• Medical issues – Cardiovascular or neurological disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, hormonal imbalance, penile deformities, etc.

• Bad effects of certain medications

Psychological causes –

• Prolonged stress

• Nervousness

• Depression

• Anxiety disorders

In younger men, psychological causes are more responsible, which make them lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Numerous factors come into play, such as anticipatory anxiety, lack of confidence, fear concerning pregnancy, and many more before and during lovemaking. Therefore, the underlying cause actually lies in the disturbed mind of a man, because of which he fails to take part in sexual activity and leaves his partner unsatisfied.

What is brain entrainment?

Entrainment means to synchronize two different beats, so that they are played in a harmonious way. Brain entrainment is an innovative way of meditation that is characterized by using a music or light, and/or both. Our body’s nervous system is beautifully designed and it contains an entrainment mechanism that synchronizes you with external, soothing, rhythms or beats. Naturally, we are entrain with certain beats around us; however, we are not fully aware of this kind of synch.

In this process, sounds, light, or both are used to entrain brainwaves into beneficial frequencies. For instance, a soft music played by piano that synchs notes with right pitch. This process promotes the brain to work more effectively. It activates the inner core i.e. mental health, thereby giving a soothing effect. The benefits of brain entrainment are as follows –

• Relieves stress

• Relinquishes your mind

• Helps you be more calm, optimistic and centered

• Increases vitality

• Helps you become more creative

• Promotes deeper insights

• Encourages emotional balance

How can brain entrainment cure ED?

With regular brain entrainment, your bodily connections with the brain are rejuvenated, thus significantly potentiating your ability to achieve and sustain a long lasting erection. However, brain entrainment does not have direct effect on the penile organ; rather it helps in eliminating the underlying psychological cause. All your anxiety, fear, depression, stress, nervousness and helplessness are taken care by the brain entrainment. By relaxing your brain and removing mental stress, this alternative can help you execute the satisfactory act of sexual intercourse.

The duration of treatment and number of sessions to experience beneficial effects often vary on the person’s ability, susceptibility and response to the brain entrainment. Researchers believe that this type of meditation can be a revolutionary cure for ED. Also, they explain that many men are willing to undergo brain entrainment process to improve their overall sexual function. In fact, few men achieved satisfactory results after undergoing minimal number of sittings.