What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Stone In Men?

Kidney is considered to be the important element of the body as it eliminates the waste from the blood and regulates the water fluid levels. Kidney stones are of different types. Kidney stone is more common in men than in women. It is mostly caused by the substances that are insoluble and get stored in the kidney and take forms of stones.

Kidney Stones in MenIt is one of the most common disorders of the urinary track found in men. Kidney stone can sometimes be very painful whereas in some cases it is easily passed by the urine. In most of the men suffering from kidney stone the flow of urine is blocked and intense pain at the back is experienced.

The main symptoms of kidney stone is intense pain while urinating, pain in the abdomen can be causes when the stone is large enough and its movement is felt, vomiting, pain in the genitals and back can be experienced when the stone is travelling to the urinary bladder, fever, nausea and blood in the urine. The reason why men are more vulnerable to kidney stone than women is because of their larger muscle mass as compared to women. They have a complicated urinary track in comparison of women. The main causes of kidney stone can be because of the less drinking of water, lack of physical activity, excess intake of alcohol and spices too can lead to kidney stone.

It is very important that you drink at least a minimum of 10 glasses of water for the normal functioning of your kidney.  Too much of a spicy food on a regular basis can cause too much of a pain in future as it stores the spices in the kidney as goes on creating a larger stone leading to extreme prolonged pain in the stomach.  Alcohol has diuretic effects that increase the chance of getting kidney stone.

Men suffering from kidney stones have a strict diet to be followed. The diet mostly includes increment in the intake of fluid, this means drinking 3 liters of water a day so that it increases the urine passing and this makes it less likely to form the stone substance. Food that contains calcium should be consumed so that it helps digestion which is highly affected too by the stones in the kidney. Barley water is proved to be very effective for kidney stone patients.

The diet may differ from the type of kidney stone that a man is suffering from. The different types of kidney stones are Calcium Oxalate kidney Stones, Calcium Phosphate kidney Stones, Uric Acid kidney Stones, Struvite kidney Stones, Cystine kidney Stones. All these types of kidney stones have different reasons but more or less have the same symptoms. Doctors say that kidney stone pain is the most painful of any other pain for a patient. The most effective medicine is water and a lot of water to reduce pain as well as to dilute the substances that take the form of stones in the kidney.