What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Peyronie’s Disease?

Both; male and female’s sexual organ is a very sensitive area. Any disease or problem related to it could create difference amongst the couples. Men; who is known as the aggressive gender, plays as important role in bed. Without the proper health, he won’t be able to perform well in bed.
Peyronie Disease
Erectile dysfunction, which is also known as impotency, can be caused to various reasons. One of those reasons is Peyronie’s disease. This can cause impotency, only if left untreated. This is nothing but an abnormal bend in the reproductive organ once erected.

As we’re aware that every man’s sexual organ is different is size and shape. It is quite normal when few men get a bend when their organ is erected. But, some men also get pain with the pain. This can affect their sexual life. This is called Peyronie’s disease. In some man, it can also cause anxiety and stress.


In this disease, the symptoms may develop gradually or may appear immediately. A person may get the following symptoms:

  • 1.    Erection problem: If a man is suffering from this disease then he would either face it difficult to get a proper erection or won’t be able to maintain it.
  • 2.    Bend in the organ: You might find your sexual organ to be bent upward, downward or even at one side.
  • 3.    Scar tissue: This is associated with the Peyronie’s disease. It could be felt under the skin of the male’s reproductive organ. It is a flat lump or a band of hard tissues.
  • 4.    Shorter organ: Due to this disease, some men get a shorter organ.
  • 5.    Pain: It can happen either when your organ is getting erected or you touch it.


The disease is caused by the development of scar tissues under the reproductive organ; though the reason of these scars is unknown.  In some cases, if the organ is fractured, it could lead to the Peyronie’s disease. Some men get affected by this disease as they grow old, i.e. at the age of 40 and older.

Some men, after the age 50, can be fairly affected by the Dupuytren’s contracture; which is a cord like thickening across the palm of one or both hands. Some newborns are affected by the abnormality called hypospadias. There might be other reasons but they are unknown.

It is best that if you happen to get any of the above symptoms then consult your doctor as this may help you to get rid of this problem soon. Remember, if it is untreated, it could lead to impotency and certainly no men would like to face that situation.