Reasons For Low Sex Drive In Men

In order that a couple remains happy with their relationship, it is necessary in most cases that both of them are satisfied mentally as well as physically. If you are unable to give your partner the physical satisfaction she expects, then it is possible that she may consider breaking up with you.Low-Sex-Drive-in-MenWhat is stopping you from having sex with your partner even though you love her and find her the sexiest? Let me tell you that it is due to low sex drive in you. Following are some of the leading causes of low sex drive in men.

Dangerous Stress

The sex drive killing stress is very dangerous. Job stress, money problem, health problem, or constant stress can interfere with body hormone level and end you up with low libido. Stress also can decrease your blood flow which is not good as it can kill your sexual desire.

Sleepless Nights

Research says that sleepless nights can create trouble for your steamy nights. The reason behind this is lack of sleep may lead you to depression and thus can affect your testosterone level. Poor quality and quantity of testosterone means low sex drive. So take sleep enough to enjoy the long night.

Wrong Medications

Not only medicines for blood pressure but medication like sedatives, antidepressant, and pain killer also can be the reason behind weak libido. These type pf medicines can mess up with your desire of having sex. So do not consume these medicines without asking your doctor.

Boozing And Weeding

Anything too much is dangerous. This rule is even applicable to alcohol shots. Too much of boozy shots can make you weak and tired. It will affect your sex drive. Worst with drugs as it can affect production of testosterone. So be careful while partying as it may spoil your after party plans.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low sex drive i.e. low libido can be the side effect of Erectile Dysfunction. Losing confidence after Erectile Dysfunction is common, but this can create a huge problem by putting you in a state of severe stress.

Chemicals Imbalance

Unstable hormone can lead to decrease testosterone levels and simultaneously can affect your sexual desire. Sometimes, hormone imbalance can make you suffer with pituitary disease. Decreased  levels of testosterone can cause inflammation or tumor in testicles. Try to adapt healthy eating habits. Include more food having zinc and vitamins.

Bad Health Conditions

Illness like blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease etc. also can be the reason behind low sex drive. These diseases creates problem in the smooth functioning of your body and can affect your quality and quantity of sperm.

Sour Relations

Make sure if you are happy in your relationship or not? If you are facing any problems with your spouse, then take time and solve those problems. Because, unless and until you clear your doubts, you won’t be able to satisfy spouse.