Premature Ejaculation – The Best Ways To Prevent It

Premature ejaculation could better be explained considering the type of sexual intercourse a couple indulges in to. Most of the times this sort of scenario flashes back to the instances whereby a man or a boy ejaculates or discharges within 2 minutes of the intercourse and this may however be really unexpected out of the man.

stop-premature-ejaculationSuch an incident could be of the very embarrassing and odd types when it comes to happening with the person who you are trying to turn on in bed. Such an instance is not preferred by either of the sexes and thus needs to be treated and looked after to be avoided!

However, it isn’t as bad as struggling with erections completely as well as those who are completely infertile or impotent! Thus, if you are from the lot who ejaculate early, count your blessings as you are not as unblessed! Such type of scenarios need no worrying and tension taking. These can be cured with time as a man ages naturally as well as treatment for the same are heavily uprising in the markets!

Wear A Condom!

Sounds obvious and thus silly, but however, to get the best condom that suits you as well as the material that can help you stimulate less and not only that, bringing on those condoms that come with a lubricant on the inner side can be very effective in delaying your ejaculation. Not only that, make sure, you are wearing the right side of the condom.

Make Sure That You Masturbate!

Masturbating yourself to orgasm is really the requirement before you go on to be done up by your queen! Masturbating to orgasm will help you to stay on till climax while you get in bed with your female mate and thus the stimulation that reduces can be effective for delaying the ejaculation!

Talk It Out!

It is extremely important to talk to your partner about your actions during the intercourse as well as talking to your partner about the timing of penetration and ejaculation can be very helpful; truly fulfilling and accomplishing the phrase of “communicating is the key to every lock”. Your partner will understand your position and can help you with the delay in your ejaculation.

Try Different Sex Positions!

The different sex positions in your love making episode can be as helpful when it comes to distracting you and pleasing you over a longer period of time to achieve climax and thus ejaculate later! Know which of the positions is compatible with you and your partner so that while you are in the position, you are sure of making the correct moves!

Keep Yourself Distracted And Relieve The Stress!

Do not stress about your problem. It isn’t a dilemma as you think it is and many of the men dwellers do suffer from it. Also make sure that you keep yourself distracted in your love making, so that if you are not conscious about the ejaculation, you will not be stimulated to ejaculate that early either!

So go and do the simple needful to keep your ejaculation controlled and enjoy the sexy time in bed with your female mite!