Peyronie’s Disease

Induratio penis plastic, sounds like a big and heavy disorder and is the biological name for nothing but the Peyronie’s disease. It is a connective tissue disorder in which the growth of the fibrous plaques takes place in the softer tissue of the male penis which has its brutal and demonic effects on every one out of 10 males in the world.

peyroniesHowever, the effects may be in terms of health, but it definitely has its blue parts when it comes to the “bed scenario” with one’s spouse! It is characterized by erectile dysfunction, shortening and curving of the penis as well as pain may be experienced. There are treatments to alleviate the pain of the milder cases which can take 6 to 18 months but however, during the time of the suffering, the desire of the male and the ability to function in a sexual intercourse may be lost causing a lot of distress in emotional issues as well.


There are no types of the disorder but however they may be seen as different cases depending upon the signs and symptoms that the disorder can show up with.


When there is experiencing of the bending of the penis when the plaque is hard, or even if the penis arcs itself on being aroused, is the common symptoms that is observed. Erectile dysfunction which may show the signs of a weakened and poorly erecting penis may also be a symptom of the disorder! Shortening and curvature of the penis are usually observed!


The causes of this disorder may not be known and thus may make it difficult to diagnose as well. However, the main cause of this disease could be “trauma” which refers to hitting and bending of the penis which makes it bleed from within and could lead to short term quick recovery part of this disorder or may be a long term surgical treating counterpart of it. Inflammation of blood or lymphatic vessels (Vasculitis) could be one of the main reasons for its occurrence. This is one of the lots of diseases that can be inherited from the genes too, making it hereditary. Any sort of injury done to the penis during a sexual act can be very harmful and one of the leading causes of the Peyronie’s disease. People who take prolonged medication of the anti-hypertensive drugs known as calcium channel blockers could be prey to the sex life disrupting disorder.

Diagnosis / Tests

Congenital curvature and other symptoms of the disorder may be recognised by any one’s family doctor or probably any general practitioner! But however, when an ultrasound confirms the presence of the disease in the person, is when the urologist can take a particular action in supplementing medication to the sufferer!


Peyronie’s disorder is the disease which can be corrected with the help of surgical and non-surgical methods. However, it is always better to wait and watch for improved results without going under the knife due to the risks of complications that can uproot! Thus, medications and treatment may be given for a year or more before any surgery is performed. Surgeries do give positive results and should be performed mainly on males who suffer from curvature penis which doesn’t allow sexual intercourse at all. Nesbit procedures, skin grafting as well as penis implants may be required when it comes to the utility of the surgical methods. Vitamin E tablets and other nourishing medications shall be given to solve the milder cases depending upon the symptoms.


The most easy and most efficiently effective way of not getting the Peyronie’s disease in one’s life, is to avoid the trauma and torturing of the penis in the very first place. Avoiding any harm done to the sensitive organ can be the effective way to avoid the disastrous disease as it can take away your passionate sex life. Do not sleep on your stomach dear men, this is what it will take you to keep away from the Peyronie’s disease and you can avoid its brunt! Make sure you are careful and not fracturing your penis while you indulge in sexual activity! Vitamin E supplements need to be taken regularly in order to avoid such a scenario. Traction based penis stretching devices may be used to give you the good news of enlarged and long penis!

Home Remedies

Vitamin E which is proportioned in plenty and big amounts in foods like almonds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds as well as dried apricots and dried herbs like oregano, chilli flakes and not to forget the rich olives; needs to be consumed in plenty in order to help the disorder alleviate. Gotu Kola is an herb that has been advocated to help reduce the negative effects of this disorder!

Warnings / Precautions

The possible warnings and precautions that one needs to take to avoid or to cure the disorder if it exists already are that one needs to get away with providing the pain to the penis either while they masturbate or during the sexual activity! It is necessary to not hurt the penis by hitting it or bending it as it may cause the growth of the fibrous plaques and the bleeding of the penis from within. Thus it is important to not contract such foolish and naive acts of hurting the reproductive organ.

Questions to ask your doctor

In general it is necessary to know whether the disorder is severe or mild in the first place along with the fact that what would be the duration of the treatment and whether it would completely disappear or just alleviate the pain. One needs to find out what sort of diet and exercise one need to follow as well as the precautions to be taken when it comes to sexual intercourse. How long and what procedures would it take to solve the cases of congenital curvature to smoothen out, shortened penis as well as the pain and bleeding to get off the reproductive system.

Special Note

If you have been suffering from this disorder, it is necessary to make sure that you are not depressed about the whole episode as it may disturb your health revival and recovery. Talking to your partner and being intimate in different ways can help you out of the whole disturbance. Make sure about being very careful about the tender organ and taking the necessary dietary supplements to help recovery.