Penegra An Effective Treatment Against ED

Penegra is recognized as an efficient treatment against Male Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. But what makes this medicine highly effective is its chemical composition. Before we learn about the strengths of Penegra let us know what it deals with.

penegra for edThis drug is a medicine introduced against Erectile Dysfunction or ED. This is a sexual anomaly associated with mechanism of penile erection. Impotence deprives men’s potency of achieving significant erection suitable for performing sexual intercourse. This is unfavorable for sexual life of the affected person as well as he may feel low due to disability of satisfying his partner. It is crucial that the affected man overcome ED to regain the sexual pleasure and love of the relationship.

Penegra serves to be highly effective medicine because of its content of Sildenafil citrate. This chemical compound is a PDE5 inhibiting agent. This means that it can counteract PDE5 (or Phosphodiesterase-5). This enzyme is considered as the main culprit as it reduces the level of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate which is a good enzyme. This enzyme when reduced causes obstruction in the blood circulation. Erectile mechanism in most cases is affected due to inappropriate blood supply to the male sexual organ. Hence, Sildenafil by working against PDE5 maintains the level of cGMP and makes sure that penis receives sufficient quantity of blood. More blood in penis causes it to engorge which provides the needed erection for performing sex.

Penegra is considered to be highly effective because it has a success rate of 96%. This makes it one of the very few reliable medicines suggested for treating erectile dysfunction. Penegra is also a fast solution as it keeps you from waiting for long. By taking this medicine you can eradicate impotence with merely an hour. Since, the drug requires approx an hour to show results consumers must maintain a time gap of 60 minutes after taking the medicine before they start intercourse. You will be able to perform sex several times with same erection during next 6 hours after taking just one dosage of this medicine. This is because the drug remains active for 6 hours.

Penegra is also easy to be administered. The drug is an oral medicine which should be taken with a glass of water. You should not chew, crush or break the pill before taking it. The medicine should be taken with water and not any other fluid. This is because water helps the pill to dissolve faster and results cannot be delayed. The recommended dose of Penegra is 100 mg. One must not exceed this suggested dose or the consumer will suffer from side effects. Men who are suffering from any existing health conditions must consult their doctor before taking the medicine and seek approval. Same goes for old men as they may need dosage adjustment to suit their health.

Penegra is a non prescription medicine which can be available fro any local chemist. The medicine is also available online through various pharmacies that operate online. Though you can obtain this medicine easily, it is yet suggested to consult your doctor before taking this medicine.