Male Infertility – A Curse

Male infertility refers to the inability of the male counterpart to produce sperm that leads to pregnancy to a fertile woman. There are a lot of couples in the US who are unable to give birth to their children and have to resort to a treatment or to go for a test-tube baby.
Male InfertilityLet us look at some symptoms of Infertility in men, the first and very common symptom seen is erectile dysfunction, in this situation, a person cannot maintain his erection that leads to an unsuccessful reproduction. The second symptom is the swelling in the testicle area; this symptom is also very common in regards to infertility. The third symptom seen is that there is a loss of body hair, the growth of body hair is also stagnant.

To cite some causes of the male infertility, the first cause is the blockage; some men experience a blockage in their testicle that does not let the sperm mix with the semen. The blockage generally is found in the duct of a testicle. The second cause of the male infertility is the sperm production dysfunction, in this process; some men are unable to produce healthy sperm that can conceive a baby. This happens because of the hormonal abnormalities. The third cause of male infertility is premature ejaculation; this is also regarded as the sperm delivery issue. This occurs when a man has a painful intercourse and is not able to maintain his erection. The sperm are not delivered properly into the egg of the female counterpart. It is also known that tobacco smoking can also cause male infertility

Male infertility is surely a curse to the couple, but as science has progressed, we have seen new inventions wherein these problems can be tackled and the couple can lead a happy life. There are some precautions that an infertile man can take, some of them are, Varicoceles which cause the primary problem in the fertility can be treated now. This treatment allows a man to be fertile and lead a happy life. Another precaution that a man should take is to not consume too much of alcohol and tobacco. High consumption of alcohol and tobacco can lead to male infertility, a study suggests.

Living with male infertility is often a curse because the male ego of giving everything his wife or family requires is hurt. Many men are depressed when they are diagnosed with male infertility; they often feel that they no more are ‘Men’. But this is a misconception with most men. As rightly said, men always head the family falls to its face in this situation. If you face such a situation today, you can very well get treated at any infertility clinic or can look for the options of adoption. Male infertility is a sure curse, but living with it causes major problems like inability to establish your own family. All men should believe that, merely being able to conceive a child does not prove your manhood, a real man does a lot just than producing babies.