Lack Of Sleep ‘Kills Men’s Sex Drive’. Is It True?

It’s the truce, that if men do not catch up on enough sleep, they land up into trouble as they pave way for various viruses and bacteria to enter their system. This affects their health, which has been very negligibly immune due to very little sleeping hours put in. The minimum requirement of sleep by every individual is eight hours on a daily front. But however, if one fails to achieve such a body requirement, then there are a host of hormonal changes that take place in the body.
Lack Of Sleep Causing Low Sex DriveThis could result in various diseases of the cardiovascular nature, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain due to weak metabolic activities. Such diseases can lower your immunity even more and lack of sleep can affect the hormones testosterone and others. Testosterone levels are lowered, which also affects the level of libido.  A low level of libido can be the culprit in lessened sexuality of men. Men do not feel as sexually aroused due to such hormones whose functioning goes to the dogs due to poor sleeping habits. Many of them even develop erectile dysfunction, especially prevalent in the USA.

The endocrine glands in men are the protectors (prostrate) and these are important organs as they stand as a shield in the reproductive system. Disrupting these could pose a great threat to the male body, and this is what exactly happens when there is less hours and poor quality of sleep indulged in.

Everything is interconnected. When men sleep the required hours that they should, all is hale and hearty as they can control the testosterone level from falling down. When the testosterone hormonal level is maintained, the libido is also at a good behavior, and such well-maintained hormonal levels ensure a healthy sexual arousal. Thus it is very logically reasoned that a good sleep night can make you a pleasure giving man on other nights too. A sense of healthy wellbeing as well as good mood is observed in men who take those proper naps and can thus not only physically but even psychologically and mentally be in their presence of mind while at work or with family.

It is truly said that we need to follow the nature. Going against it, can play a strict toll on the overall health. Thus, it is a necessity that we follow suit in order to maintain a good body, a healthy life and a pleasure giving sexual life. Just as you would want to be aroused by your partner in a satisfactory way, it is the same way your partner would want the pleasurable arousal from you, and to give in to these physical demands when in a commitment does become a part and parcel of the being.

So dear men, you know you need to stop worrying about the stock markets stooping down or the recession hitting your business, because along with the upset moods at your workplace rising due to the economy can definitely affect the economy of your love in your bedroom with the boss of your life, your wife.