Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction


Today is you see the fast moving life; you might come across most of the people going through some or the other health troubles. The main reason that has made people fall into the pit called health trouble is not giving ample amount of time to their health. You might have heard about one of the serious sexual problems known as sexual problem. From which Impotency or ED is the problem in men.Erectile DysfunctionED is known by various names but most of the people know this problem as Male Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction. Men can face this problem not only in the elderly phase of life but also during the middle ages. There are more than 70% of the men worldwide who are going through ED.  Most of the people even today do not know the main reason about why does ED take place.

Do You Know How Does ED Trouble Take Place?

Various factors make a male fall into this trouble. However, there is one of the enzymes known as PDE5, which mainly causes trouble for the organ from gaining required amount of blood in it to stand erect for longer period. It rather stops the blood from flowing inside the male sexual organ in a smooth mode. This in turn takes away the stamina from the male sexual organ from standing erect at a stronger manner while the couple goes for a sexual act. Once a male falls into the pit of ED, it is not that easy for him to come out of the troubles he is going through while he makes love with his partner.


Sexual problem is of two types the trouble that is seen in men is known as Erectile Dysfunction. On the other hand, the sexual trouble that you can see in most of the women is known as female Sexual Dysfunction. There is no age limit for this problem; it can take place in any female or male after the age of 18years.


ED can take place in men due to various physiological and physical problems but brain is one of the major portions that become a medium for Erectile Dysfunction to hamper an individual’s life.

Psychological Troubles: More than 10% to 20% of the factors are mental trouble that makes a person go under this problem. Psychological trouble many a times in rare cases include sexual abuse and trauma that makes a male suffer from ED. However, here are a list of mental problems that pushes a male into the world of ED.

  • Stress: stress include any sort of problem that include financial problem, family quarrels that males an individual’s life frustrated.
  • Anxiety: This is one of the troubles that is faced by most of the men who are going through ED. these men have a fear in their mind that ED might stay in their life forever. This term in other words is known as “performance anxiety” that takes away the confidence in men of making love with their partner.
  • Depression: men who tend to take medication for depression trouble can also read to sexual problems. Depression takes place in men when they are not comfortable in making love or sexual activity.

Physical Troubles: There are some of the health problems or diseases that drag men into sexual problem or ED problem. Below mentioned are the common physical issues that drag most of the men into this sexual inability.

  • Problems in the blood circulation due to brain accidents as there are many of the veins that get damaged due to physical accidents.
  • High blood pressure: this disturbs the smooth flow of blood to every part of the organ in the body.
  • Scleroderma: this is the diseases where the skin of overall body becomes hard.
  • Kidney problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson disease and Alzheimer disease is the main reason that is seen in most of the men who are in their elderly age.
  • Vascular diseases are the serious cause that makes a 50years male suffers from ED.

ED is one of the troubles that is faced by every male once in lifetime but many a times it happen that this sexual trouble stays in an individual’s life for longer period. This is what gives them the trouble in getting the best erection while they make love with their partner.

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

One thing that every male need to keep a note on is that this is one of the trouble that can hit men easily. ED can pull a male into its cage anytime after the age of 18years. Hence, before consulting a doctor some things will give every male a warning. This is the time when the ED problem is at its initial stage. No worries, you can throw away this problem from your life within a span of time if you take care of it at the primary stage itself.

Here are the basic 5 warnings for you that will push you into the world of Impotency

  • Metal problems like anxiety, trauma, tension, stress or depression.
  • You will suddenly start gaining weight that too within few days.
  • The intensity of cholesterol might increase in your body at a drastic rate.
  • You might be prone to kidney problems.
  • Last but not the least you might suffer from high blood pressure problem. This is the time when you need to contact your doctor and take some safety measures as soon as possible. No worries, you just need to take an appointment with your doctor he will help you with the best cures and treatments.

Diagnosis Or Exams And Tests
The diagnosis or tests of Erectile Dysfunction are done in a very easy way. Below mentioned are the tests or exams that are carried to diabolize ED from years.

  • Physical Tests: this is the time when the sexual organ is examined in detail by checking the testicles and the nerves.
  • Basic Blood Test: by a sample of your blood your sugar level, heart rate and blood pressure is been tested.
  • Urine Test: this might give you the result about diabetes and other health problems that might lead to ED.
  • Ultra Sound Test: hence there is a test carried where the flow of blood been flown inside your sexual organ is been tested in a minute manner.

Apart from these basic tests, there are also other types of tests like Overnight erection test and psychological test.

Risk Factors

Various factors might make a male go through the troubles that ED gives them. However, most of the risk factors associated with men from every corner of the globe are –

  • Age is one of the factor that might make a person go through ED. most of the men who are above the age of 50 are going through ED in every corner of the globe.
  • Lifestyle: this is one of the frequent factors that is seen in most of the ED men. Alcohol, drug addicts, less amount of exercise and even improper scheduling of diet might cause ED.


There are number of treatments and medications been brought into the market by most of the researchers and doctors. All the medications that are brought into the world of medication are especially for ED. these treatments have not only helped countless men from every corner of the globe at the same time brought down the graph of men suffering from ED.

Some of the best quality generic medications that you might see in the world of medicine today are Generic Viagra, Kamagra, Generic Levitra and Sildenafil Citrate. These brands have a list of pills under them, which not only differ in dosage but also functions differently as per the needs and demands of every customer.

More than 60% of the men are happy with these treatments and have started living the best love life with their partner.


The common basic things that men need to follow in their life if they want to wave a bye to ED permanently from their life.

  • Firstly, keep in touch with your doctor to maintain the level of diabetes, blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Have a regular check up with your doctor.
  • Stay away from alcohol, stop smoking and do not take large amount of medications.
  • Exercise regularly to lose weight and keep your body fit.
  • Take measures for stress.
  • Stay away from the world of depression and anxiety.


Self Help Or Home Remedies

Apart from medications and treatments there are some of the best home remedies that you can follow if you want to stay away from ED.  Learn to relax, talk about love and sexual act, be close to your partner, you have to know that you are not abnormal, check your prescriptions and medicines that you regularly take in your day to day life.

Other Help Areas

Your doctor can be the best person to consult with. He will give you some of the secret tips that can bring change in your love life. Go for light diet, go for regular exercise, stop smoking, and keep your body fit. You can also go through some of the online sites that will provide you with the best home remedies at the same time keep you updated with the latest medications.

What Questions To Ask Your Doctor About?
The basic questions that most of the men can ask about ED to their doctors is:-
What is ED?
Do I have ED?
How does it take place?
What are the main causes of ED?
How to treat this problem?
Are there any medications for ED?
Can I make use of home remedies?