How To Know When You’ve Low Testosterone

Ever wondered how we get that facial hair as we grow. And suddenly our soft voice turns rough and we suddenly feel grown. This is all the game of male hormone, known as testosterone. This plays an important role in shaping our body and turning us a child to youth and then adult.
Low TestosteroneYou must have also wondered that some grew old very soon where some were still waiting for their facial hair to come. This happens as there are low testosterones. Having low testosterone can be very difficult for anyone. It is important that you read the signs and then can opt for the necessary treatments.

Listed below are some signs and symptoms of low testosterone in one’s body.

Not Interested In Sex

Testosterones are the one which ignites the desire to have sex. When a man is going through a low level of testosterone then surely, his desire to have sex will also decline. So, if you see your man or you yourself don’t like having sex then understand that you’re having a low testosterone.

Easily Tired

Men are not meant to get tired easily. But those with low testosterone will surely would. If you observe that you get tired very easily then it is better that you check your level of hormones. May be you’re going through a phase where your hormones are low.

Loss Of Body Hair

As we said, testosterones are behind the body and facial hair. If you see that you are losing those hairs then it could be the sign that your hormone level has decreased. This loss of hair would be with less shaving.

Sexual Problem

Even if you get involved in any sort of sexual activity, you would face sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction. Although, these problems may have other reasons too, it is better that you get yourself checked for the hormone level.

Decreased Fluid Level

The three body parts (the seminal vesicles, the prostate and the testicles) which produces a good and a healthy amount of sperm need the help of testosterone. Without it, the sperm can’t be produced. So, the man who’s having a low hormone level will not be able to produce a good amount of sperm.

Mood Switch

Hormones are behind our mood too. A person who has a good level of hormone will not feel much mood swing but the person with low hormones would observe various mood changes in a day.

Easily Irritable

As there is a mood swing, there are chances that the guy would get irritated sooner than normal. This would happen as his energy to ignore the things will be less.

Muscle Mass Would Reduce

For sure, if the hormone can build up the muscle mass than the low level of hormone can reduce it too. There could be numerous reasons for it but then there is no harm in going and getting your hormone level checked.

Increased Body Fat

This is different that muscle mass. Your muscle mass would decrease but your fatness would increase. Hormones help in keeping our body fit. If there is any fluctuation and it gets low, it would affect your body fat and would make you fat.

If you’re having a lot level testosterone then don’t worry, it can be treated. The very thing is that you’ve to understand the symptoms and signs that these low levels of hormones in your body are giving. Once you understand it, you can go and get your check. There is no harm in doing it.  But remember, if this problem continues then there could be various problems.