How To Keep Yourself Active During Male Menopause

Hormones, as we’re aware, play a very important role in our lives. If a person has a good hormones that he/she would be happy and healthy. Similarly, any kind of imbalance can affect their mental and physical health. Hormones can be dangerous to our health if they get imbalanced. But, there are certain ways to control it.
male menopauseWe all are aware that women go through their menopause. And during that time, we can see little change in their mood and health. Similarly, men also go through same menopause. Although, people deny the fact that men also faces such a phase but then there are few who do experience this.

Male menopause, also known as androgen, is a phase when a man goes through low testosterone. This lower testosterone can affect their mood, health and sexual life. Before we get into the detail of androgen, let’s understand the symptoms.

The men who’s suffering through or going through androgen would find him getting tired very easily. He might also feel weakness as in he won’t be energized to work on and would feel as in getting out of bed is itself a big thing. He might also feel depressed and would feel that the surrounding environment is making him more depressing. Above all, he might be less interested in any of the sexual activity. This means, he won’t feel like having sex at all.

These are the only few symptoms that a man might go through. Although, there is still no proper relationship made between the symptoms and low testosterone but these symptoms can be considered. Also, if you really want to diagnose it then you should meet your doctor and find out about it.

Once you’ve found out that you’ve low testosterone and are going through androgen phase then the next question is the solution. This can be treated by the replacement of testosterone but then this treatment has its own side effects. This can cause you prostate cancer, for instance.

Although there is an alternative therapy to face androgen. This could be like controlling the diet and exercising. You’ve to take foods which are rich in nutrients so that your body receives ample amount of necessary nutrients. These nutrients would help you to control the weakness, tiredness and depression, which you can get due to low testosterone.

It is always better to consult the doctor before you opt for anything. Speak to him about him/her in detail and understand the possible solution. Handling the imbalanced hormones is indeed not easy. This could take us for a roller coaster ride in our life. But, if you’re able to control it then the life could be a bit better.