How Low Testosterone Level Affect Sexual Life

Low testosterone level lowers down energy and starts affecting sexual life. Men who have a low testosterone problem are not even comfortable to talk about it with a physician. It makes a man feel awkward about the situation going through biologically.

Low Testosterone Level

Male body produces testosterone hormone and secreted in testicle gland. Thus, the hormone plays key role in developing prostate as well as testicle gland. It’s healthy functioning helps to regulate sexual energy in a man during intercourse, hence able to gain and maintain erection during intercourse. It activates sperm and reproductive tissue in males. Other than sexual role of testosterone, it also prevents person keeping away from other heath disease and disorders.

Just like blood pressure, cholesterol and other systems in the nervous system have proper level; even testosterone has proper level. In case it drops , there are chances of males to face sexual problems in there as well. The normal testosterone level is on and around 300 to 1,200 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter). Thus, the level can fluctuate in men according to age. Generally, testosterone level in elderly men above age 60 has a low testosterone level. Beyond aged men, even young men can face low-level testosterone problems. T level is the alternative name of Testosterone level.

Men Who Have Low T Level Faces Below Problem In Sexual Life

  • Less sex arousal
  • Decline in sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lagging of libido
  • Depressed mood
  • Decreased in muscle mass

The low T level is enough to incur the most common sexual problem in men- Erectile dysfunction. It starts damaging the arteries, making it harder by clotting of blood. It disrupts the artery that generally supplies smooth blood flow to penile organ. Low T can help ED in men to get even worse than the actual situation. Link with ED it calls for various issues, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity etc.

Low T affects the sexual life in men not just physically on the type of hormone, but it also disturbs the person mentally too.

The best way to treat Low T in sexual life is talking with a partner. Make partner understand what you are undergoing through. It will be a better way to overcome the problem with the solution. At least it will provide you relief mentally and leaving remained battle hopes with proper medication. To overcome the sexual problem affecting ED caused by low T level can take the support of ED medications such as generic Viagra, etc. thus, studies have shown men consuming such ED tablets are able to grow up T level higher and normal.

There is also testosterone replacement surgery, if one gets it in the proper way, can overcome to natural levels of testosterone level.