Generic Drugs – Treatment For Male Impotence

Impotence is a sexual dysfunction in men where they are unable to get an erection or maintain it till the time of sexual intercourse. Citing the number of people affected by this issue, many pharmaceutical companies started working towards developing effective synthetic impotence drugs investing millions of dollars. After a lot of research, a brand name drug called Viagra was developed in the year 1998 followed by Levitra and Cialis in the next five years.Male-ImpotenceGeneric drugs are those drugs which have the same active chemical components and work exactly the same way as brands drugs but cannot be sold under the same brand names. Similarly, generic impotence drugs are identical to brand name impotence drugs that are used to treat male impotency.

How Do Generic Impotence Drugs Work?

Generic impotence drugs being having the same active chemicals as the brand-name drugs, the functions of it is entirely the same way. PDE-5 inhibitors is one of the most popular generic impotence drugs that keeps the PDE-5 enzyme active within limits. PDE-5 enzyme is responsible in the breakdown of the chemical known as cGMP, which is accountable for the easing of the soft muscles of the penile arteries. The blocking of PDE-5 enzyme results in the rise of cGMP levels and thus leading the soft muscles present in the penile arteries’ walls relax. This further results in increased flow of blood to the penis and get an erection. It is important that person should already have the arousal for these drugs to show its effects. One can get an erection only in a natural ways through sexual stimulation even after intake of these drugs as these does not provide automatic erection.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Generic Drugs?

More or less all the synthetic drugs have their side effects and generic drugs being their identical ones, it too has its side effects the same way as brand name drugs. In 97 percent of the cases, synthetic impotence drugs are received without any issues by men. However, it can show in rare cases side effects such as headache, nausea, stomach ache and other symptoms. Those already having medical issues can show severe side effects.

Benefits Of Generic Impotence Drugs

Many of them would raise a question that why one should buy generic drugs when brand name drugs are available? The answer is pretty simple – you are purchasing the same drug only with its name different and that too for a fraction of the price. In some cases generic drugs are available only for 10% of the cost of their brand name counterpart. A person who has to take the medications regularly can be able to save thousands of dollars in few years by spending less money on generic drugs. Since generics drugs too have to pass all the tests conducted by FDA for approval, its safety can be assured. Remember that generic drugs are cheaply available as companies manufacturing them don’t have to spend on research, development, clinical trials and marketing as compared to brand name drugs.