Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Treatments And Preventions

It is not easy to maintain the healthy, strong and happy relationship. A couple had to go through various problems and difficulties. But, a strong bonding keeps them together.

Erectile_DysfunctionIn the absence of it, no relationship could stand for long. A healthy sexual life plays a vital role in building up of a strong bonding. Though, there are some men who go through problems in their sexual life due to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition which can affect men of any age and region despite their health. This implies that a man should be concerned about it. At least one of ten men suffers from it. It is basically an inability to maintain the proper erection. With this, a man fails to satisfy his woman. Though, it is not often it holds the capability to affect your life.

Mechanism Of Erection:

Before we get deep into the causes and treatment of the dysfunctional, let’s briefly understand the reactions of erections. Basically, an erection taken place when a man is sexual aroused. This is then when the nervous system releases a chemical called cGMP after getting the signal of arousal.

After getting released from the nervous system, this signal reaches the male’s reproductive organ. The main responsibility of this chemical is to relax the muscles and open up the blood vessels of the sexual organ. With this action, the reproductive organ gets an erection. Any hindrance in this process and a person faces erectile dysfunction.


A person faces erectile dysfunction basically because of the PDE-5. This component blocks the way of the cGMP resulting in improper erection. Though, apart from it, there are various other reasons behind the dysfunction. These can be defined as physical causes and psychological causes. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Physical Cause:

1)    High blood pressure.

2)    Heart disease

3)    High cholesterol

4)    Heart disease

5)    Obesity

6)    Diabetes

7)    Metabolic disorder

8)    Low testosterone

9)    Substance abuse such as alcohol

10)    Smoking

11)    Prescribed medicine

12)    Parkinson’s disease

13)    Tobacco use

14)    Prostate cancer treatment

15)    Injuries or surgeries of pelvic area or spinal cord

16)    Clogged blood vessels

Psychological Causes:

Apart from the physical health, the psychological status also affects the erection process. The causes are:

1)    Depression

2)    Stress

3)    Performance anxiety

4)    Situational psychological problem


Like any other disorder, this also has certain symptoms. The basic symptom is getting a problem with erection. Others could be to maintain it or reduced sexual desire. It is quite normal to get this problem once in a blue moon but those who suffer from it more often would need to see a doctor and get him treated.


Even if some people face if once in a blue moon, it is important that those who get erectile dysfunction quite often get themselves treated. Listed below are the most trustworthy and best treatments.


The easiest and one of the safest ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction is medication. There are various kinds of medicines available in the market which deals with the problem. These medicines have the main components like sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, verdenafil and stendra. These components are known worldwide to fight with the problem. It is important that you consult with your doctor first before buying it. These medications have their own possible side effects.

Vacuum Pumps:

This is another safest way of treating erectile dysfunction. It has a plastic tube and a pump. The plastic tube is connected to the pump; which can be operated by either hand or battery. You’ve to place your reproductive organ in the tube and pump the air out. This could create a vacuum which would allow the blood to fill the organ. Due to this, you would get an erection.

It might take you several attempts to actually learn the use of the pump but once done, it could provide you a good erection.

Hormone Therapy:

In some cases, imbalance hormones create a problem. So, for them, the hormonal therapy would be the best option. This therapy is also referred to as an endocrinologist. The professional would help you to regain the hormonal levels by infusing man-made hormones in the body.

Injection Treatment:

This works by directly injecting the drug in your reproductive organ. This might sound difficult but it is quite easy. A person can get an erection for at least 15 minutes with this.

Surgical Treatment:

There are many surgical treatments available. This is the extreme step to deal with the problem. Normally, psychological problem is the cause behind erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Treatment:

As we saw, there are various kinds of psychological factors which can affect the erection of the man’s sexual organ. It is important that one visit a therapist and get rid of all those factors. Without healing the problems, planning to achieve the proper erection will not be possible.


As they say, prevention is always better than cure. It is necessary that a man takes care of his health in order to have a good sexual life. A man can alter his lifestyle by quitting alcohol and smoking. Apart from it, he should have a healthy diet and exercise daily. This would keep him out of the various health related problem and thus would provide him a healthy life.

Diet To Treat Erectile Dysfunction:

Along with the above mentioned ways, it is important that you eat the proper foods which can help you deal with erectile dysfunction. The foods which can help you with it are watermelon, coconut water, papaya, garlic, food rich in zinc and vitamin E. these would not only help you to stay fit but would also help you to fight erectile dysfunction. Include them in your diet for a healthy life.