Does Smoking Lead To Impotence?

Smoking causes deposition of carcinogens in the lungs. These carcinogens are a mix of nicotine and carbon monoxide which increase heart rate and blood pressure. High blood pressure has often been linked to of erectile dysfunction. The reason being that when the heart is strained, it is unable to pump large quantities of blood required to achieve and sustain a penile erection.
Smoking and ImpotenceAlso, smoking causes constriction of blood flow. This is a result of fat deposits in the blood vessels caused by smoking. As mentioned before, inadequate blood supply to vital male organs leads to difficulty in erection.

Smoking is also responsible for heart diseases like hardening of arteries, again causing a strain to the heart and blood flow. This directly affects the erection during sexual intercourse

There is a growing misconception about the less tar cigarettes being less harmful than their counterparts – the full tar versions. This is a marketing propaganda. On the contrary low tar and nicotine cigarettes cause much more harm than full tar cigarettes because the smoker inhales a larger quantity of smoke in order to get a better buzz and in the process also inhales a larger quantity of cancer causing chemicals.

Erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra or even the natural erectile dysfunction cure can be of temporary help to improve erections. Prolonged exposure to the carcinogens in the smoke can cause impotence. The medications are not a permanent cure for men who continue to smoke. The best natural cure for smoking is to stop smoking altogether.

One of the best ways for men in their 20′s and 30′s to cure erectile dysfunction naturally is to quit smoking, which will begin to heal the lungs, heart and arteries, and will improve the flow of blood to the penis and other organs of the human body.