Devils of Testosterone Supplements Uncovered, Health Alert!

Testosterone supplements assist to boost the levels of testosterone in your body and this is beneficial for various reasons. Nevertheless, these so-called power boosters also have their share of side effects that you ought to know.

Devils of Testosterone suppliments

So let us have a look at these devils of testosterone supplements in detail.

Testosterone is accountable for the development of sexual characteristics in a man. Though testosterone is mainly found in men, women also tend to have certain quantity of testosterone in their bodies. It is essential for muscle production and bone development as well as for boosting libido.

At times, the levels of testosterone tend to plummet due to genetic or hereditary diseases, aging and improper testicular function.

The symptoms of reduced testosterone levels include erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotency, tiredness, inferior concentration, depression, reduced sexual desire, weight gain, mood swings and irritability. For tackling these conditions, doctors usually prescribe testosterone supplements.

In addition, athletes and bodybuilders use testosterone boosters for increasing muscle mass, stamina and their performance. Testosterone boosters are available in injection, transdermal patch and oral supplement forms.

Nonetheless, use of these supplements can trigger a series of adverse effects. Mentioned below are some of these effects:

Psychological Effects:

  • “One of the common psychological effects of taking testosterone boosters is hot flash.
  • “The person may even go into depression with the use of these supplements.
  • “Testosterone supplements can make a person more irritable, aggressive and hostile.
  • “These can even trigger mood swings in an individual.
  • “Other psychological side effects include generalized paresthesia, anxiety, depression, headache and decreased sex drive.

Physical Side Effects:

  • “Dermalreactions that might occur after application of transdermal patches include mild to severe erythema, irritation, burning sensation, itching, sclerosis, dermatitis (burn like blisters, rashes, vesicles and pruritus).
  • “Women might experience dermal effects such as seborrhea, pattern baldness, acne and hirsutism (excess hair growth).
  • “Men might get oily skin, acne and premature baldness. Prolonged use of testosterone boosters may even trigger breast enlargement in men. Shrinking of testes is another rare yet severe side effect of using testosterone supplements.
  • “Testosterone boosters lead to abnormal growth of muscle tissues. Though they boost muscles mass in a quick way, they do not boost the strength of ligaments and tendons. This causes tendon ruptures, ligament injuries, tearing of muscles and myalgia.
  • “Shockingly, use of testosterone supplements may even cause damage to your kidneys. It hampers the reabsorption of sodium leading to glomerular damage, which changes the normal functioning of kidney. Symptoms include reduced excretion of calcium in urine and retention of phosphorus, sodium, potassium, nitrogen and water.
  • “Cardiovascular adverse effects include heart failure and hypertension. Nevertheless, occurrence of these conditions relies on the type of supplement used and on the endogenous testosterone levels.
  • “These might even lead to liver cancer or damage. Adverse effects include hepatic problems such as hepatocellular carcinomas and hepatic neoplasms or peliosis hepatis. Other side effects include abnormal functioning of liver, jaundice and cholestatic hepatitis.
  • “Gastrointestinal adverse effects of using testosterone supplements include vomiting and nausea.
  • “Genital side effects include reduced ejaculatory volume, excessive stimulation, priapism, oligospermia and inferior urinary system are quite common to occur with the use of testosterone supplements. Urine obstruction because of prostate enlargement is also common with the use of these supplements, especially in men. Talking about women, they might experience menstrual irregularities, deepening of voice and irreversible clitomegaly.
  • “Change in clotting factors as well as increased production of red cells and anemia are other adverse effects of testosterone supplements.
  • “These boosters can exacerbate sleep apnea in overweight folks and in the ones suffering from lung disorder.
  • “These can even cause coughing and respiratory problems.
  • “Lastly, testosterone supplements may increase calcium levels in your blood particularly in the ones, who are enduring from metastatic breast cancer.

These are not the only adverse effect of using testosterone supplements, as there may be more. Thus, you ought to be cautious when dealing with these boosters and consult your physician or doctor for a safe and correct suggestion.