An Overview Of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

You must have heard of the testosterone and other hormones that play a toll on men health? BPH is one of the victims of the functioning of hormones and testosterone in the body.

benign-prostatic-hyperplasiaThe walnut sized prostrate enlarges to the size of a grapefruit thereby pressing the urethra which disables the complete emptying of urine. The boys who are castrated when grow up to be men, will not experience this issue.

The symptoms and signs that are characterized in this illness are related to the urinary system. Experience of painful urine, frequency or even blockage (partial or complete) of urine, urinary retention as well as infections in the urinary tract are commonly observed. However, people suffering from BHP are safe from any occurrence of cancer and its risks. It is important to treat the disorder, or else it can be a progressive one whereby it can lead to hassles in the future. Chronic or acute forms may be realized due to the urinary bladder holding stones made from crystallized salts from residual urine.

This illness is experienced all across the globe, however resulting more in the men who follow a western lifestyle over those who follow the traditional and rural one. The men belonging to the age range beginning from seventy years, experience this in abundance, however yet the earliest signs of its occurrence could belong to the age range of thirty to fifty years; and should be timely treated.

Ultrasonography and blood tests need to be performed to check for signs of BPH. Also, the symptoms such as weaker urinary systems and problems in ejaculations, nocturia etc., can also be helpful in diagnosis.

Alphablockers and other surgical methods can be of great utility to cure the syndrome and thereby relieve the patients from the bouts that they get while they want to urinate. However, there are various herbal and natural curing techniques for it as well. African star grass, pumpkin seeds, roots of the stinging nettle, rye grasses’ pollen extracts could be the herbal medication counterparts. Saw palmetto is a leading herb that is used to curing this disorder and it proves successful for one out of every 3 men suffering from BPH. The use of Saw Palmetto has no side effects and this serves as an icing on the cake. Most of the people use this in order to relieve the early troubling symptoms, before they visit the urologist.

It is important to note that the disorder if not taken care of can go on progressing to a very severe stage where surgical methods may have to interfere in in order to rid the men of their difficult times. Six percent of the total population across the globe suffers from this disorder and the risk of facing this goes on increasing with the age increment in men.

It is important to treat the disorder before it redoubles the issue leading to bladder or tract diseases or even kidney damage.