8 Foods That Can Boost Men’s Fertility

There are several cases where a woman fails to conceive despite various attempts. In such cases, women are the only ones who are doubted. Judging the capability of a man is beyond imagination. But, the study shows that in such cases, men are equally responsible as they don’t have good quality sperm.

Due to the kind of lifestyle we live, in today’s world it is normal for a man to be infertile. But, this doesn’t mean that he can’t be fertile, again. For a man to be fertile again, he has to take the help of medication and also alter his lifestyle. Taking medicine could be a little risky for a few men so we bring to you some of the natural ways through which you can get your fertility back.

1. Garlic:

    Garlic    As we are aware, garlic contains certain important components which are good for our health. These components help us to stay fit and fine. Improving the fertility of a man is one of the advantages of garlic. It contains selenium, which boosts the sexual ability and controls sperm damage; and vitamin B6. Also, it contains allicin which would increase the blood flow in the sexual organ keeping you away from erectile dysfunction.

2. Fish:


Fish is the richest source of omega 3 and 6 which are responsible in sperm development. With good sperm development, you’ll get quality sperm and there won’t be the question of infertility

3. Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate juice

This is the one of the richest sources of antioxidants and can help you to boost your sperm quality. It would be good if you could involve this in your diet.

4. Banana:


As banana is rich in various components like vitamin B1, A, C, magnesium, protein and others, it would help you to boost your sexual life. These minerals could provide you good quality of sperm and can improve your sex life. So, include this in your daily diet and see the difference for yourself.

5. Pumpkin seeds:


Zinc helps in increasing the testosterone and sperm count. Pumpkin seeds are the richest source of zinc. These are also the source of omega 3 and fatty acid which can stimulate the blood flow.

6. Avocado:


It contains vitamin E which is needed to boost the sperm mobility. It would help in directing the sperm to reach to the egg so that the reproduction process can take place.

7. Apple:


As we are aware that apple is good for health and is recommended to everyone despite the age. This fruit holds various minerals which are necessary for our body. For men, it helps with fertility. This contains fruit cider vinegar which would help you to increase the sperm count.

8. Tomatoes:


A study shows that those men who suffer from infertility lack lycopene. Tomatoes are not only the great source of antioxidants, but they also include lycopene. This helps in the sperm count and also in the mobility. So, it is recommended to include this in your daily diet.

It is important for a man to be fertile without which a woman can never conceive. Also, having a good sperm is also important as that would help the baby to be strong and healthy. This makes important for a man to have the better sperm quality. If, you follow the above mentioned things, then surely, you would get the best sperm, in a very natural way.