Zenegra- A New Drug To Curb ED Issues

Zenegra, a Sildenafil Citrate composition, has been found to be extremely popular with men craving for better sexual  act, while reversing male impotence.

ed-issuesWe are all bestowed with the wondrous love surrounding our life in this mesmerizing world. On top of that, love is incomplete without having a pleasurable and satisfying sexual act.  But with the modernize trend and lifestyle, several men these days are falling prey to Erectile Dysfunction that interferes with the most needed love intimacy thereby resulting in losing partner for ever. However, there are lots of anti-impotency medicines available in the market so that you can hold your love with all the pleasure needed to complete a cycle of love.  Zenegra is one such amazing pill that has helped a lot of men to tackle their impotency concerns.

Erectile Dysfunction is basically a psychological and physical condition. Numerous aspects like heart disease, stress, hypertension, depression, penile disorder, poor blood function in the penile area etc., has its impacts on man’s sexual ability.  Zenegra, the generic version of brand viagra have enriched the lives of many men thereby offering them the gift of holding their love with achieving sexual satisfaction.  The effectiveness of this amazing drug has increased its popularity among those men looking for an alternative to brand viagra.  Lets have a look on the working and dosage of Zenegra.

Working Of Zenegra:

Zenegra comes in a standard dosage of 100 mg with the composition of an active ingredient- Sildenafil Citrate.  As soon as the pill is consumed, its chemical compound starts its role by curbing the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme is the one that makes it difficult for a particular man to attain and sustain erection, thus causing impotence. After consumption, the medication relaxes the penile muscles thereby allowing smooth blood flow to the organ.  This process helps men to accomplish harder erections that can last for about 4 hours.  During this period, the couple can reach the aroma of multiple orgasms without ED interference.  However, one should remember that this medication works only when a man is sexually aroused.


Zenegra comes under three typical prescribes-  25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. This medicine has been approved by the FDA, thus it is extremely safe for consumption. As its active compound takes little time to react over sexual arousal, one has to consume it 30 minutes prior getting intimate in bed, only then couples can have long hours satisfying love sessions.

Safety Measures:

On the other hand, one should stay away from nitrate medications, as the combination of sildenafil citrate and nitrate can show adverse health effects. Zenegra should not be taken with alcohol or fatty foods, as such stuffs can delay the effectiveness of this medicine. Taking more than one pill in a day can show negative effects on health.  Although taking Zenegra is safe but it does show some mild to moderate side effects after consumption, however if the symptoms persist, one should inform the doctor immediately without neglecting.