Generic Allegra To Beat Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies usually occur in spring or when there is sudden change in climactic condition, extreme cold. The most common type of seasonal allergy is allergic rhinitis (hay fever), in which a person suffers from irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages.

Blog-AllergiesThe inflammation is mainly due to excessive secretion of histamine, a natural chemical that is released when an allergic reaction takes place. Allergy is an exaggerated response of the oversensitive immune system to certain external influences called as allergens. These allergens are actually responsible for an allergic reaction, while in many individuals with strong immunity, they don’t create any problem.

The allergens that cause an allergic reaction are pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, environmental pollutants, sudden climatic changes, certain air-borne viruses and molds. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis are frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, red/itchy eyes, cough and headache. To beat this type of allergic responses, one can use generic Allegra, a recognized antihistamine medicine. Generic Allegra is actively composed of an antihistamine drug called as Fexofenadine. Fexofenadine is an FDA-approved drug that is widely used to treat seasonal allergies.

How Generic Allegra works?

Fexofenadine is the main drug that helps in recovering one from seasonal allergy like allergic rhinitis. This drug is a popular antihistamine agent that suppresses the production of histamine by inhibiting the H1 histamine receptor cells. Soon after the oral administration of Generic Allegra pill, the drug Fexofenadine attacks H1-histamine receptors and stops the body from releasing histamine. Once this process takes place, the inflammation and irritation of nasal passages are significantly reduced; thereby, bringing down the allergic symptoms.

The dosage of generic Allegra varies from person to person and severity of the allergy. Usually, in adults, the dosage is 60 mg twice or 180 mg once in a day for several days. For pediatric dose, one should consult the physician. The pill is ought to be taken along with a glass full of water, without crushing or chewing it, because by doing so you may not achieve its effect. If you skip or miss the dose, take it as soon as your remember or ask your doctor for further dosage schedule.

Precautions to be taken –

It is important to use generic Allegra only after seeking medical help, so that it can be used appropriately and safely. One should follow the instructions while using this antihistamine. People allergic to Fexofenadine are strictly prohibited from using this medicine. Men with chronic liver/kidney disorder, asthma and neurological problems should ask their doctor before using generic Allegra. Fexofenadine may produce mild drowsiness; hence, one should stay away from driving, riding, and other risky activities after taking the pill. In case of any side effects, such as chest pain, breathlessness and skin rashes, one should immediately get in touch with the doctor.

Generic Allegra is indeed a wonderful medicine for alleviating allergic reactions. But it is recommended to use this antihistamine after seeking a medical advice. If you are looking to buy generic Allegra, online medical store would be a best option for you, because you will get it right at your doorstep within a stipulated period of time. Moreover, you will get it at a very cheaper rate than local drug stores. Just make sure you select a reliable online pharmacy store that is legitimate and provides superior quality generic medicinal drugs.