Strange And Creepy Side Effects Of Prescription Medicines

Here, we will take into consideration a prescription based drug named mitrazapine that the doctors usually prescribe for insomnia and appetite problems.
side-effects-of-prescription-drugsThe common side effects include dizziness, fatigue, nausea and headache after which the unusual or rather I must say weirdest mode of this drug begins.

One of the creepiest and uncanniesteffects is spontaneous orgasm. Yes, you heard it right! Several prescription medications have this weirdest aftereffect wherein a person can have orgasms out of the blue without any kind of physical stimulation.

Mitrazapine is one such medication that has some incredibly weird side effects. Here are few such odd effects:

1.    Rainbow Pee

Medications that trigger this weird side effect must also list heart attack as a possible after effect, because individuals who do not anticipate purple color urine may have the same reaction. A few antibiotics such as Flagyl might cause the urine to turn black in color, whilst the obsolete laxative phenolphthalein may make a person pee purple. Another antidepressant named Elavil makes a person pee green, whilst the famous anti-nausea medication Phenergan will make the flush blue. Metronidazole, which is another common antibiotic, will turn urine into brown color, whereas Coumadin will make it orange and Ex-Lax will turn it red.

So in short, if you are taking a lot of such prescription medications, then you end up urinating rainbow.

2.    Seeing Pink Color Elephants

You might be aware that strong prescription medications for suppressing pain may cause hallucinations, but are you aware that several unlikely medicines might also trigger this awful problem. Seroquel is an example here. It is a medication used for treating depression and it may cause hallucinations. Drugs used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease too can cause hallucinations.

Amantadine, which is an antiviral medication used for treating flu can make you see purple color monkeys. The same goes for diethylpropion, which is a commonly prescribed appetite suppressant.

Even Tylenol can cause hallucinations along with other adverse effects if coupled with opiod pentazocine.

Thus, make sure that you inform your physician if you start talking with small blue aliens or experience hallucinations after taking these drugs.

3.    Obsessive Gambling

Have you ever waked up only to realize that you are having an uncontrollable and sudden urge for gambling? Several folks taking Parkinson’s medicine Mirapex tend to have such feelings. In fact, more than 200 individuals have registered charges against the manufacturers of Mirapex for not addressing them about the drug’s compulsive effects apart from engaging in excess casual sex.

4.    Loss Of Fingerprints

No, this is not any kind of science fiction tale, but it is a fact. Xeloda, which is a medication used for treating cancer may erase your fingerprints as a weird side effect. This problem is often associated to the foot and hand syndrome, which leads to tingling sensation, dryness, and redness in feet and hands. When it turns severe, this particular adverse effect leads to blistering and peeling in feet and hands further causing loss of fingerprints. A man was once denied his entry into the U.S. because he was not having fingerprints. Thought it might sound like some criminal fantasy, but it can turn into a nightmare.