Start A New With Silagra Tablets

Developing impotence these days is not an issue but the moment you get to know that you’ve developed this condition it can break you down. Men become emotionally and mentally weak after knowing this.

second-sexual-startingThey think that they have lost ability of having sex. But Silagra can solve their problem; it is the drug that is used for fighting against impotence and is reliable and safe to use. The chief component of Silagra is Sildenafil Citrate. Silagra can make you feel confident about yourself and allows you to have sexual pleasure with your partner. Silagra is the best treatment with which you can start your sex life again with an excitement and take it to the next level.

Sildenafil Citrate was first introduced in the market by Viagra. Silagra is the generic form but has proved to be as effective as branded ones in treating erectile dysfunction. These pills are cheaper than branded products and are easily available in the leading online pharmacy stores.

Erectile Dysfunction is the condition in which men cannot have an erection due to the insufficient supply of blood to the penis. The penile tissues cannot receive oxygenated blood flow as due the activity of PDE5 enzyme which blocks the arteries carrying blood towards penile tissues.

After the consumption of Silagra, the ingredients of this drug prevent the effect of PDE5 and helps in dilating the arteries so that blood can reach to the penis successfully. As soon as blood reaches to the penile tissues, it gets erected. Remember Silagra cannot give erection, when you get sexually stimulated then you can get an erection. Silagra shown effect in 30 minutes; it has to be taken 45 minutes before you start your sexual activity. You can have sex for about four-five long hours and can have the pleasure to the peak.

Silagra can allow you to start your passionate journey again that you left back due to ED issues. Silagra shows tremendous effects on your sexual life. It has some side-effects but those are temporary; some of these effects are upset stomach, dizziness, vomiting and blurred vision. You can get rid of these effects in 1-2 days. Sometimes you may get an erection for more than 5 hours, in such situations immediately contact your doctor.

Don’t take this pill without your doctor’s prescription as knows our body type and can tell you whether the drug will suit your body type. Don’t take this pill, if you are on other drugs containing nitrates. These drugs are taken for diseases like heart problems and diabetes. If Silagra is combined with this drug you can develop serious health issues. Don’t consume this drug after having alcohol and drug; it can delay the effect of the pill. Also, try to have this pill when your stomach is empty. If Silagra is taken with fatty foods or after heavy meals, it will delay the effect of it.

But the effect of this drug is very effective and you can rely on this drug to get back to the sexual life and have fun!