Silagra: Forget ED

Cipla has recognized the need of today’s men and thus wants to cater to their various requisites, one of them is to help men who are suffering from ED, to get all set and pepped up below the belly to go out and please their lady for the night! Silagra from Cipla it is!

beat edSilagra gives the men the much desired results in their reproductive organ – hard strong and lengthy! This is exactly what a man looks out for and rather than the man, it is the woman who looks s to get all aroused for the night! 100 mg sildenafil citrate packed film coated tablets of Silagra may be taken up in the dosage of 50 mg at first then proceeding to the entire 100 mg dosage to give you the honor of being a part of a fun filled and erotic night. This medication is very effective and brings about outstanding performance in terms of sexuality in a man’s life with its success rates ranging from 60 to 80 percent!

A man’s life feels incomplete on the physical, pleasure as well as health note, if he has to go without the action for a long time. But however, this is not the case now! Silagra has enough looked after the various needs of these unfortunate men and provides the perfect treatment to help stiff and hard erection.

The baggage of cons! It is the baggage of the cons that everything and anything comes along with! Even in the case of Silagra! It is the blurred vision, body ache as well as the flushing and stomach disorder side effects, which however are very mild, but yet are present in the men who consume the tablet! With very mild medication, these side effects tend to wear off quickly! It is very important to realise the importance of the advantages got from sildenafil citrate packed Silagra in the life of an impotent person, before we try to count the side effects it can have.

Precautions are perfect! Perfectly follow the various precautions that are listed on the information leaf! It is very important to go about light and low fat meals during the day so that when you pop up the pill, you can have the efficient results, which will not happen if you have been binging on a heavy platter! Also make sure you pop it up with water an hour in advance! So that when you get sexually aroused, you are all set to roll! The effects of the medication last for 4 hours or maximum 6 hours in certain cases.

People who have been on prolonged medication (nitrates) for cardio vascular disorders, it is essential to make sure you consult a Doctor, as it is not a smart move to go about the combination of Nitrate and Sildenafil Citrate!

So go on a fill your night with the blessings and grace from Silagra!