Self Medication Would Dump You In Danger!

Many people have a habit to ask for their friend, which medication I should take for particular deceases? And then end up taking some medication without consulting any physician.


Or we are so lazy that we just refer to our previous medication and consume one from them. But, do you know! It can lead us to some unwanted and fatal consequences.  Many times I have seen people buying medication for him without consulting any doctor, just with the advice of a friend or relative. Let us see why this could be dangerous and not preferable to consume self medication.

Why Should We Avoid Self Medication?

Sometime you have diarrhea, acidity, or cough and cold. What is our next step? Yes, we ask to our friend or some relatives to advise some prescription; and we gulp that without knowing anything. I don’t know if it is our laziness or mis believe that we know everything. Even for some minor problem we end up taking some medicine which we found in our home. But this might be an invitation for various problems through these medicines.

  • When you are gulping your pill unknowing about their validity may direct you to problems depending on the medicine’s suitability for you. This might increase skin problems such as irritation, red marks or even high fever. As body mechanism is different for everyone, so particular medicine can be suitable for one and would adverse to another.
  • A common case of self medication is a person suffering from insomnia, if you don’t feel sleep then just raise a pill and pop it up to snooze. Without even consulting doctors for the reason. This pill could even make this situation worse. Therefore, consult your physician before taking any pills.
  • You might take a medication which would be of more power and your problem might get removed faster with other pills. This would even waste your time and money to buy the pills.
  • Possible dangers can even be faced by in-taking wrong creams and lotions that could be loaded with harmful chemicals and drugs that can harm your sensitive skin.
  • It’s perilous for the person who is suffering from depression or anxiety, as they are more likely to take such drugs for relaxing them, this is shown even in teens opting for vulnerable drugs having hazardous effect, and laming themselves to addiction of such drugs and alcohol.
  • Most common medications are painkiller which can tempt gastritis and provoke risk of stroke to the patients with high BP by more than four times.

Ignore Self Medication And Stay Healthy

Seen as there could be many other problems involved in taking self medication, as we are unaware about your medical history, this is not an exaggeration but why to take a risk of troubles coming with them. If you feel you’re unwell then consult the right doctor before taking any grave pills. Even clear your small doubt, and tame your family and children to keep away from such habits. If possible keep your first aid or medication box out of reach from children. Hence, be safe and educate your children about the harm it causes and train them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy! Stay Happy!