Safe Storage Tips For Medicines, Away From Children

Medications improperly stored risk falling into the hands of curious children, who amused by its shape and color and put it into their mouth leading to many health risks.

safe-storage-tips-for-medicinesAlso coming in contact with moisture and heat could make drugs less effective before their expiry date. All these make it imperative to safely store the medicines up and away.

See Below Tips On How To Store Your Medicines Safely

  • 1. Put medicines away from sight especially from children. Make sure that all medicines, even vitamins supplements are kept out of reach and sight, especially of kids.
  • 2. Think about places where children search for medicine. Children search medication in many types of places, like purses and nightstands. Avoid these places.
  • 3. Think about products you possibly don’t think as medicines. Many parents know to keep medicine away. However they do not always store away items for example eye drops, that might not appear to be medication but could do damage.
  • 4. Close your medication tightly after use. Buy medications which come in child-resistant packs whenever feasible. But don’t forget, child-resistant does not always mean child-proof, plus some children will still be able to get into these packs given sufficient time as well as persistence. Be sure you tighten the pack firmly after each use.
  • 5. Place your visitors’ medicine separately. Sometimes your visitors might not remember the medications they brought with them. If you have visitors in your house, offer to put their medications in bags away from kids.
  • 6. Be wary of medicine in locations your child frequents. You think that your medicine is securely stashed in your house, but do you think of safety of your child when they are at other places? Requesting people at these places to place their medications safely works well with some parents, apart from the awkwardness to other people. Another choice would be to have a look-see to ascertain if any medications are stored where your child can easily reach them.
  • 7. If you need your medicine handy, at least keep it out of reach after use or tighten it after use. When an additional dose is needed within a couple of hours, it might be tempting to keep it readily available. Mishaps can occur fast. It takes merely a couple of seconds for kids to find the medicine that may get them sick. Place medicine up / away after each and every use. And when you will need a reminder, setting alarm would be practical.

Safely Getting Rid Of Used Medicines

  • 1. Many clinics have a medication take back program. It is a good way to get rid of your expired or unused medicines.
  • 2. In order to dump medicines by self put the medicine in to a sealable bag of plastic. In case the drugs are powdered or liquid gel or solids add water to break it down. Put sawdust in the bag. To make it less interesting for kids add something lackluster material.
  • 3. The food and drug administration states that particular medicines are incredibly dangerous and they ought to be flushed in the toilet.