Points To Ponder While Taking Antibiotics

Millions of people are prescribed with antibiotics every year to treat infections and other disorders. Nevertheless, using antibiotics too very often increases the possibility of bacteria which later turns out to be resistant.
antibioticsAntibiotics are nothing but medicines, whichare used to treat and avoid bacterial infections. It is often used to treat not so severe conditions like acne and major health conditions like pneumonia, which is a kind of lung infection. These come in the form of tablets, pills, capsules, lotions and can even be given as an injection. Penicillin is a widely used antibiotic solution that treats severe skin infections, chest and urinary tract infections.

If you are someone who has the habit of popping an antibiotic pill every time or whenever any bacterial infection or illness attacks you, here are a few listed strict dos and don’ts that you must follow:


Do As Directed

It is very important to consume antibiotics in the right doses as suggested by your doctor. Few of the medicines are to be taken post meals whereas others are required to be taken on empty stomach. So is why, it is vital for the prescribed solution to work well on you.

Have a word with your health care provider about the resistance of antibiotics. Ask him or her whether the antibiotic, which is recommended to you, is beneficial to cure your illness and what are the other ways by which you could recover soon.

Store It Well

Ensure that you store medicines at the right temperature. Usually solutions are stored between 12 to 14 F. if not done so, the ingredients included in it might get spoiled or affected.


People have the habit of saving some of the antibiotics if in case they fall ill the next time. Discard all the leftover medicines once if you are done with the course of the solution.

Do not recommend antibiotics to someone else. This might not be appropriate for you sickness and consuming the wrong solution might interrupt the ongoing treatment. This further shows its way to accumulation of bacteria in the infected individual.

Do not take the help of antibiotics when cold hits you. Antibiotics are not meant to cure viral infected illnesses like cold and flu. One of the very common myths with antibiotics is that people use it for curing common cold or viral infections. If done so, the treatment would fail and at the same time worsen it.

If in case your ongoing illness is not so serious then do not ask the health expert to suggest you an antibiotic.

One of the worst risk factors, which people often do, is self-medicating. Well, all this must be strictly avoided, as you do not know what could be the adverse effects of this. Wrong medication often leads to unwanted allergies, infection and so on. All the important factors must be kept in mind before taking antibiotics.

Do not skip doses and complete the course in time. If antibiotics are prescribed to, you for a certain period then take it on a regular basis as intended.

Do not mix medicines and if in case you take another medicine with antibiotics then tell this to your doctor.

Above were a few rules and customs of taking antibiotics. Hope these are useful to you.