Medicine Storage Tips And Protection From Kids

Medicine Kids SafetyA number of medicines look candy and taste when you look them from a kid’s perspective thus, they tend to get attracted to the meds. Whilst it is imperative to instigate your children to discover and explore new stuffs, but you might have to change this perception when it comes to medicines.

Some Gruesome Facts

Medicines are one of the leading causes of poisoning in kids. In fact, each year, more than 60,000 kids suffer from medication poisoning and that is one kid in every eight minutes of time frame. And, most of the cases took place when the kid ingested the medication in the absence of their caregivers or parents.

Thus, we need to be extremely cautious when storing medicines and should ensure to store them safe from kids. Here are few tips to help you in this regard.

  • You must store all the medications at heighten place and away from the sight of kids. Ensure that all the medications including adult and vitamin supplements and other drugs are away from the sight and reach of kids. A survey found that around 80% of medicine poisoning in kids occurred due to the consumption of adult drugs.
  • You need to consider places where the kids get into medication. Children often get into medicines almost everywhere such as in nightstands and purses. In 60% of the cases,the medication was within a kid’s reach such as in purse, dresser, and desk, on the ground or on the counter.
  • Consider the products that you might not deem as medications. Many parents are aware of the importance to store the medicines at higher places or at the places where kids find it difficult to reach. However, they fail to think about a few products such as eye drops, diaper creams that might not seem like medication, but are harmful.
  • Make use of dosing device that is available with the medication. Proper dosage is very imperative especially for young kids.Not all the kitchen spoons are same and tablespoon and teaspoon that we use for cooking will not gauge the same amount like the dosing device available with medicines.
  • Always have the emergency number of poison control center or emergency center handy or in your mobile. Make sure you have it posted near the phone desk or refrigerator in the kitchen for easy availability. It helps in case of emergencies.
  • Stay alert for the visitor’s medication. Visitors might not think about the medications they carry with them. In case of guests at home, offer them to put their bags, belongings, coats, purses, etc. away from kids.
  • Even if you feel to keep the medicines handy, make sure to put it out of your kid’s reach.Accidents are uninvited and occur in a quick way. You may also set alarm on your mobile phone or watch for your doses instead of keeping the drug besides you all the time.

Talk to your kid regarding medicine safety. Even if the drug tastes good, never compare it any candy to motivate your kid to take it. Also, discuss with grownup kids about the perils of misusing or abusing medicines.