Many Choices to Choose Your ED Treatment

ED Treatment ChoicesErectile dysfunction is a disorder affecting men who are not able to get enough stiffness to their reproductive organ to carry out coitus. With the discovery of Viagra and then generic Viagra, curing ED became very easy. All one needed to do was pop a pill and then in a few minutes blood would start flowing to their penile region thereby making the male organ erect. This will be discussed in detail but there are also other methods of curing or limiting the effects of ED.

ED generally affects the urban male due to the lifestyle they lead, a lifestyle full of stress, lack of exercise, improper diet, smoking, caffeine, and alcohol, basically all that boosts ED. A lifestyle change can help avert the chances of getting affected by ED. Exercise and a proper diet is a must, not just for preventing ED but preventing a lot of other diseases as well. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be limited but cigarettes should be altogether avoided.

Counseling / Therapy

Counseling or therapy sessions have known to benefit a lot of couples. Therapy may treat ED if while sleeping the man gets an erection. The reason being, sometimes the underlying cause for ED is stress and therapy session help relieve a man of this stress. Or sometimes there is some differences with his partner and the psychologist helps fill this communication gap. But this method of treatment is helpful when both partners mutually agree for counseling.

Oral Medicines

As mentioned earlier pill are also available in the market to treat erectile dysfunction. With the many variants of generic Viagra available online all a person needs to do is click on his preference and expect an assured delivery. Most of the drugs show their effect within 30 minutes of taking it. In some cases this effect can be as fast as 15 minutes.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery is another option available for curing ED. Here penile prosthesis is implanted in the erection chambers through surgery. These devices are either bendable or inflatable. Surgery is opted by those patients whose cause for ED was not natural, for example those affected by an accident or cancer or other treatments. There is also a surgery called vascular reconstructive surgery that can force the blood into the male organ. However due to its high cost and lack of guaranteed results it is seldom performed.

Vacuum Constriction Device

VCD or vacuum constriction device is a pump (external), which can be made use of to erect and maintain erection of the male reproductive organ. The pump is attached to the male organ which then creates a vacuum causing erection.

Herbal / Natural Medicines

There are also a lot of natural remedies for preventing ED. Nutritional supplements can be taken to enhance the nutrition level in the body. Herbal solutions are also available. Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba are the herbs that have proven records for curing ED for some men. Many proponents of acupuncture also claim that by piercing needles to certain parts of the body allows the body to auto heal as acupuncture develops the immune system of the human body.

No matter what remedy you choose for your sexual well being, it is imperative to consult a doctor and enquires about the pros and cons of each of the aforementioned treatments. Unless resulting from an accident or a surgery or as a side effect of certain medications, the male erectile dysfunction is largely avoidable if proper lifestyle is followed, which includes regular exercises, staying away from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, promiscuity etc.

ED can be avoided if men start following a healthy living at a very young age.