Know About The Side Effects Of OCP

These pills help to get free from unwanted pregnancies. It is a combination of estrogens and progestogen.

side-effects-of-ocpBut there are many side effects of taking OCP and they are as follows:

Common Side Effects Of OCP Are As Follows:

Increase in weight is very common. As women take these pills regularly, they will see change in weight. The other is acne which will leave the face of marks on their face. Suchwomen also find the problem in menstrual bleeding and it is one of the most common side effects observed in women taking oral contraceptive pills.

They even face the problem in periods and sometimes they even miss it. Headaches too are commonly observed in women taking these pills. There is not only change in the behaviour and mood. Depression is also one of the side effects of OCP that will take you into further troubles.

The Major Side Effects Of OCP Are Referred Below:

The major problem is heart attack caused when there is chest pain or heavy feeling in chest in women taking these pills. Stroke occurs if a woman takes these pills for more than 12 years. The intake of such pills will slowly lead them to such unseen problem that might even result in death in extreme cases. The vision also gets reduced or even sometime the vision is lost completely. This is due to the blood clot in eye.

Nausea is also a problem that occurs because of these pills. Another serious health problem caused because of OCP is high blood pressure. This will lead to a lifetime problem where they will be requiredto take the medicine for controlling this pressure. The other is liver disease which is quite dangerous. Here, the liver might not work properly or might getdamaged completely because of these pills. The gall bladder disease is also found among such women. Blood clotting in different parts will not allow the blood to pass through all the parts of body and thus, causing organ failure.

Thus, taking birth control pills disallow a woman to lead a healthy life inviting many health troubles. So, it is advisable to take such pills under medical supervision only or ignore such pills for controlling the pregnancy. There is also the problem of swelling in legs and thighs thatmight lead to severe problemswhen the woman turns old. These adverse effects cannot be taken lightly, as they might create problemsin future that are irreparable. So, do not go for long use of such pills if you wish to have happy and safe life with your family.

There are various other contraceptive measures apart from oral contraceptive pill. These are safe and effective compared to these pills, so it is always advisable to try these safer alternatives if you do not wish to conceive.