Caverta – A Formula of Victory Over ED

Caverta works just as efficiently as its branded version – Viagra, even though it looks different in shape and size and colour and even tastes differently. It is also available at a cheap price for the simple reason that the manufacturer did not have to invest much into research and development and marketing, thereby offering a cheaper product, it being a generic version of its branded counterpart. However, that does not mean Caverta is produced in sub-standard facilities or is of sub-standard quality. Caverta is a product of Ranbaxy, a reliable name in the world of pharmaceuticals.Caverta For EDLets dive into some more facts about Caverta before getting down to how it actually works in cases of erectile dysfunction. Caverta has to be consumed orally 40 minutes prior to anticipated sexual encounter. The main and active constituent of Caverta is Sildenafil Citrate. This chemical compound has been popular in the men’s sexual health community for its property of increasing blood flow to the body. It therefore assists in a successful erection of the penis (if supported by other factors like sufficient psychological and physical stimulation).

Now, for Caverta to work, men suffering from ED have to understand that ED is often a result of psychological impotence unless they have previously met with an unfortunate accident or have had a surgery or have a disability, which has restricted the flow of blood to the penis. Also, ED is more prevalent after the age of 40 owing to the change in the blood flow levels. And a dosage of Caverta does not result in an erect penis immediately after consumption. It increases the blood flow to the penis just, so you can have an erect penis just in time when you want it to after the desired sexual excitement has taken place.

Most importantly, it is essential to consult your medical practitioner before resorting to Caverta as a treatment of ED. It is of utmost importance that the doctor knows about your complete medical history to as to recommend or allow a dosage of the drug. Sildenafil Citrate or Caverta and other generic Viagras are to be taken carefully for men with a heart disease and related ailments.

Also, consuming Caverta with alcohol should be avoided as it increases the chances of side-effects. Yes, the drug does have some side-effects in some cases. Dizziness, headaches, stomach upsets and diarrhoea are a few of the other reported side-effects.

So, before you make the most of your sexual experience with Caverta, do not forget to consult a doctor. Remember that it increases the blood flow to the penis and thus assists in erection and that it does not lead to an erection immediately after consumption. It has to be taken 40 minutes prior to an intimate experience. And in case of psychological impotence, results can be best achieved if the intake of drug is assisted with proper psychological counselling.