Marriage Failure and Erectile Dysfunction

It is the showdown time. You and your wife are going out for a date. You feel nervous, a bit unsure about your love life. You have been keeping some facts hidden from your wife. She tries to hold you, but you just neglect her advances. Now what can be the reason to react negatively to such a gesture? The answer may lie in the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Marriage Failure and ErectileDysfunction

Experts say that this problem can be emotionally hampering for the couples. Especially, men may be at the loss of words here and feel very embarrassed and depressed about the situation.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition wherein the man is unable to get the erection at the time of sexual excitement. There may be many causes for this. The interconnection of the nerves and the brain may be disrupted due to some diseases. Due to the nervous system disorder, the brain’s signal to the blood vessels of the male sexual organ may not be proper. This may lead to less supply of blood to the organ.

Other reasons for erectile dysfunction are diabetes, kidney, heart, and liver diseases. Plaque formation in the vessels or the arteries can also result in ED. Some mental conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety may also cause this. Sometimes nervousness, fear to some other distracting issues like work life dilemmas and other things may make it impossible for the man to get a hard on.

Erectile Dysfunction and Marriage

What happens when you face ED in a life’s juncture when you think that you will get all the happiness in life? How will you tell your wife about it? How will you accept the fact and deal with this? Below are the dilemmas that can arise, if you suffer from ED.

  • Sexual Dissatisfaction

A man with ED is unable to satisfy the wife in bed. Initially, it may not bother the couples. You may think that this issue will go away on its own. But after the recurrent incidence, it can get frustrating for both the people in the relationship. A man may not understand why it is happening. Especially, he may feel bewildered as to the sudden change in the events.

There may be chances that the situation of infidelity may come up in women. This can pull down the marriage even more. Rather than seeking the solution to erectile dysfunction, running away from it can hurt both the husband and wife. Besides not being able to fulfill her sexual need, it can also usher in more complications.

  • Distance between Couples

As the time goes, the partners may become distant and not communicate with each other. They may become like strangers leading life together but actually separated. Couples may even stop telling or sharing each other’s feelings. This brings more bitterness in their life. People who do not seek a solution to this may even remain childless.

The probability of divorce may increase. This may even bring some contradictions in their social life. Common friends may find it difficult to be with both of them at the same time. The distance may further aggravate because of the constant conflicts and fights.

  • Fights and Conflicts

Fights over the issue of erectile dysfunction can make the matters even worse. The blame game may continue and the couples may grow wary of each other. The husband may think too depressed because of the taunts and the comments of the wife. Sometimes, it may be the woman who feels that it is her faults in making this happen. The man may even want to blame this on the woman to hide his weakness.

In anger, the husband and wife may argue to a level that can even lead to physical abuse. Involvement of the third party in making the issue more serious can alter the marriage even more.

  • No Admittance

The man may find it hard to admit the truth. This may create more problems. Even the wife may not support her husband in such times. Sometimes the man has all the encouragement that any husband may want from the wife. But he may not be able to see through the truth and continue with the fights. It is better that the person admits to the situation and tries to get a treatment plan for erectile dysfunction.

Due to the escalating fights and misunderstandings, both may forget to address the issue at hand. Many a times, marriages go down the hill because of this kind of attitude. If corrected, the individual may be able to overcome ED and lead a happy life.

  • Mental and Physical Condition

ED may or may not break the marriage, but it can certainly spoil the interaction between the couples. It may stress the person so much that in worse cases, the man may even try to commit suicide. This may happen if the wife leaves the man or vice versa. In depression, the person may not be able to concentrate on work or other leisure activities.

Erectile dysfunction may occur because of diseases and this may further pressurize the married life of the man and the woman.  The illnesses may make the immune system of the man weak and may lead to many other diseases. It can also be more intimidating if the couples have children. If the matter has reached to the point of seeking divorce, it can even traumatize the kids.

Rather than breaking the marriage, you can consult a doctor and solve the issue of erectile dysfunction. It is possible to tackle this and get on with the positive way of living.